Mail Call

April 8, 2013

I got a letter from Blue Cross/Blue Shield today, and not the usual EOB. It was about my PT. Or more specifically, the fact that they’d been paying for services which look like the originated from an automobile accident.

You remember that car accident I got in back in December that caused my shoulder to seize up? You don’t? That’s a relief. I don’t remember it either.

Well, if it wasn’t that, then it must have been a workplace injury.

You don’t remember that either? I’m so glad I’m not the only one.

Yes, BC/BS was hoping I’d check the “yes” box and then go on to answer all the questions explaining how I injured myself in such a way that some other insurance company needed to pay for my PT appointments.

Sorry to disappoint you, Blue Cross, but there was no accident. There wasn’t even an injurious event. My shoulder just stopped working one day.

And what’s really funny about this (well, to me, at least), is that PT is starting to wind down. I’ve been going since February, and I’ve made enough progress that I’ll be able to just work on my shoulder at home, for free.

I checked the box that said “no”, I did not have some accident or event that fell under a different insurance policy. Blue Cross is stuck with me.


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