What Happens in Centering…

April 10, 2013

I had my first Centering appointment yesterday. This is a newish way of prenatal care. Instead of just meeting one-on-one with your provider, you meet with a group of women whose due dates are near your own. There’s one-on-one time with the midwife and time to talk as a group. And, of course, because these are medical appointments, there’s a privacy policy. So what happens in Centering, stays in Centering.

Except I think it’s okay to talk about myself at these appointments. And while I might give some indirect information about the other women, I know I won’t reveal any PHI. (I do have to review HIPAA every year for work. I know the boundaries. Oh, and for those of you who are confused, PHI is Protected Health Information and includes a variety of things that could allow you to identify an individual.)

Heather was able to be there as my friend. I’m not the only unmarried woman, but I do appear to be the only single one. I was definitely the only one who is already lining up my “team” for the delivery room. (Really must get together with Nicki soon!) And I’m the oldest mother there. But the good news is that my Advanced Maternal Age was a surprise to the midwife. She said she would never have guessed that by looking at me. I did point out that I’m not 35 yet.

And I have the second due date of the group that was there. (There were some no-shows, and we’re told there’s a waiting list for our group. I suspect there will be more people at the next appointment.) And I’m the only one who still has morning sickness. Yes, overachieving as always.

The only disappointment was that the nutritionist wasn’t available yesterday. I was hoping to have a slightly more in-depth discussion of nutrition goals (e.g. just how much protein and calcium should I be attempting to consume each day?). Instead it was mainly a discussion of good snacks, small & frequent meals, and what is “safe” and “not safe” to eat while pregnant. My response on trying to decide if that particular fish is safe? Wait six months.

But it was an interesting group, and I’m sure Heather and I are going to enjoy getting to know everyone better. I just won’t be telling all of you about it. Because Centering, after all, is Las Vegas.


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