Baby’s First Hand Knit

April 24, 2013

Surely you knew this post was coming. I was originally going to call it “Baby’s First Present”, but then I remembered that the first hand knit was not actually the first present. Baby got its first present on Monday, from two of the coordinators I work with at Kellogg. That would be the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, not the cereal company. I bring about 400 people to Kellogg with the DD Conference each year. They thank me by upgrading me to a suite (for free!) and giving me a variety of MSU swag. This comes in handy each Christmas when I need to come up with something for the family gift exchange, although I did keep the t-shirt they included in last year’s basket. I’ve been sleeping in it pretty much ever since.

This year, they knew I was pregnant, so I got a very nice insulated bag and baby got an MSU onsie, bib, binky clip, and hat. Yes, we know what baby will be wearing on Thanksgiving. And since that was waiting for me in the suite when I checked in on Monday, that was really baby’s first present.

Baby’s first hand knit, on the other hand, was a bit of an accident. You see, I’ve put my mother in charge of recruiting volunteers to work registration for me, and since this means the volunteers are her friends, it also means they’re all knitters. My attendees have gotten a kick over the row of women knitting as they distribute registration packets. One of them, Terri, has a new grandbaby this year, and she was knitting an adorable hat with ladybugs on the rim for this new grandbaby. And as she finished it, we all looked at it and agreed there was no way it was going to fit anything bigger than a newborn. By the time she gets it to the new grandbaby, the hat will be too small. But, it should fit a baby born in September perfectly.

And I am not complaining at all because it is a very sweet hat and it is much nicer than anything the generous ladies who knit hats for the neonates would create. (Yes, I’m a snob. Yes, my mother and I will make certain that my baby has good hats to wear for however long we’re in the hospital after birth. No acrylic worsted weight seamed hat for my child!)

I know that this is the first of many hand-knit gifts to come. Between its momma and its nonna, this child was going to be well stocked with knitwear. Adding in momma and nonna’s friends? Well, no worries about the baby being warm enough through the winter!


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