Bump’s First Marathon

May 5, 2013

Today was the 3rd annual running of the Kalamazoo Marathon. I found out on Friday, that yes, indeed, the KRVT was volunteering at a water station. Not that I’m complaining. It was going to be weird not working a water station. Yes, I know this is only the third year, but my parents and I have volunteered with other KRVT people every year. I was trying to decide exactly where to go to cheer people on. The route goes near where I live. (Okay, it goes through most of the city, so it goes near where lots of people live.) But I didn’t have to decide. I just had to figure out how to get from my house to my water station on the other side of town. I wound up taking the highway. It felt a tad ridiculous to get on I-94 just to drive from one side of Kalamazoo to the other, but it was definitely easier than trying to get across the course.

And the marathon was fun as always. Even if some of the runners are feeling miserable when they get to the water station, they’re happy to see us, and we’re happy to see them. And we were able to cheer Jenn on as she ran through. Most of my friends ran the half this year; our water station was only on the full course.

One of the amusing parts was how the volunteer t-shirt accentuated the bump. I got an XL so that it would be big enough to accommodate both of us. I did not expect it to cling to the bump as nicely as it did. It is wonderful to be to the stage where I look pregnant and not fat. And it was nice of the t-shirt to accentuate that fact. The shirts were a nice dark grey this year, a change from the shades of turquoise of the first two years. And now I have another good t-shirt to sleep in. (I can’t stand the neckline and take fabric sheers with me to cut it out. Does limit the shirts uses after the fact.)

And next year? Definitely hope to work again. And my mom and I think we need to add the Family Fun Run to the week’s festivities.

Oh, and yes, I was ready for a nap by the time I got home. Still looking for a weekend. It won’t happen next week. Maybe the week after…


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