Open Enrollment

May 13, 2013

It’s open enrollment season at work. I was ready for this to be as simple as it usually is. The bump doesn’t come until September, so I’m still making elections just for me. I know which health insurance plan I want, and which dental insurance plan, and I can easily do some quick math to estimate how much to put in my health flexible spending account. The bump won’t be in day care until late in the cycle, so there’s no sense in trying to guess how much to put in a dependent care FSA this year. (Our insurance and FSAs run July 1 – June 30.)

But then they threw something new our way this year. They’re adding three Aflac policies to our possible benefits starting July 1. This meant I had to do real math, both looking at cost-benefit and whether or not I can straight-up afford the additional coverage. The hospital indemnity was tempting, but would be a month’s rent once the bump was covered, too. Plus, since I’m already pregnant, they wouldn’t cover anything from labor and delivery because it’s a pre-existing condition. Cost way too high. But the critical care coverage is surprisingly cheap, plus the bump gets covered at no additional charge. And I’ll get almost half of it back each year when I go in for my annual. That’s a cost I can manage.

I do still need to meet with our benefits specialist to go over fun things like FMLA and short-term disability, but those can wait a bit longer. I’ll let her get through the open enrollment period first.


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