Madge and Dorcas Go House Hunting

May 17, 2013

I really didn’t feel like going shopping after work today, but as you know, Madge and Dorcas are getting more desperate for new lodgings and going after work today was better than going after market tomorrow. (I’m hoping there’s rhubarb this week!)

There were two places left in Kalamazoo that I figured were worth a try for new bras. (Okay, they’re both really in Portage, but I’m pretending they’re in Kalamazoo.) I hadn’t checked Motherhood yet, and if that was a no go, I know Mastec will be able to fit me.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mastec, it is a wonderful company whose mission is to serve women who’ve had mastectomies. They sell specialty bras and prostheses. But they also carry “plus-size” bras. I put that in quotes for a reason. After all, Lane Bryant also claims to carry “plus-size” bras. The difference? The few times I’ve checked the sizes available at Lane Bryant, they’ve only offered bands that are far too big for me, 40+. At Mastec, you can get a 34 band. I’m currently wearing a 32G. My rib cage has expanded to accommodate my lungs better since the bump is pushing all of my organs upward. A 34 is exactly what I’m looking for.

But I decided to try Motherhood first. At the very least, I knew I was going to get far better customer service than I got at Bronson. And that’s exactly what I got. I’d barely crossed the threshold to the store when a clerk asked if I needed help with anything.

“Yes, I do,” I said cheerily. “I’m currently wearing a 32G, and I’m starting to grow out of it.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” the clerk said. “The largest we carry in the store is an F. Have you ever heard of a company called Mastec?”

I laughed and told her that was the next place I’d planned to go. She explained that that’s where they send all of their customers who need something larger than an F.

And if I’d been thinking, I would have gone to Mastec immediately. I was practically there. But I didn’t feel like shopping any more than I already had, and I wasn’t certain exactly where Mastec was, and I’d just gone to the mall, so was it really necessary to go somewhere else, too? Yes, I didn’t think about the fact that I have a smart phone and could have easily pulled up Waze to direct me Mastec from where I was. Yes, I realized that fact when I got home and looked up Mastec on my iPad.

But the good news is that according to Mastec’s website, they should have something in stock that will fit. And I know that they will be incredibly kind. After all, they cater to a particularly vulnerable population of women. Now I just need to decide when to drive back out to Portage. (See, I can admit that they aren’t actually in Kalamazoo!) I’m thinking next Friday. We’ll see. Madge and Dorcas might convince me to go sooner than that.


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