Live! From Kalamazoo! It’s…

You may notice something different about this post. Something that’s missing.

That’s right! My blog has finally caught up with the calendar. What I’m going to tell you about today Actually Happened Today! Novel, I know.

The alternative title for today’s post is Madge and Dorcas Buy a New House (Or Three). And, I might add, they’re really looking forward to moving in tomorrow. All of my pre-pregnancy bras have been put in the back of the lingerie drawer.

Yes, I bit the bullet and went to Mastec after work today. Why today? Quite simply because there was a thunderstorm. And I really needed new bras. But mostly because of the storm. You see, the pool is now open at my complex. After work on Monday, I didn’t quite christen my new maternity bathing suit, but I did sit a good spell with my feet dangling in the water. The water was cold, but it was hot enough out that it felt heavenly. And both my mother and Mr. Kent from whom I learned to swim taught me that you should never swim outside during a thunderstorm. Which made today the perfect day to go bra shopping.

And Mastec was everything I told you it would be. I tried on at least ten bras, and the clerk was pulling more while I was in the changing room. Once I found one that fit, we looked at the size (34H) and then she pulled all of the 36H bras for me to try on. And supposing you have good reading comprehension skills, as you can tell from the alternate title, I found three that I liked. There were two more that I thought about buying, but they were a little weird. They looked fine under my tank top, but they were only okay. (I think this is because they weren’t underwires so the girls didn’t get the same separation that they get from the three bras I bought.)

And to make things even better, they were on sale. For $10 a piece. I bought three bras for $36 including tax!

I cannot stress the importance of this company enough. If you or a friend has had a mastectomy, they will help fit you AND work with your insurance. If you or your friend are like me and are just plain buxom, they have bras (that are currently ON SALE!) that are those specialty sizes you cannot find at a normal store. And they are barely staying afloat. There’s a reason all of the non-mastectomy bras are currently on sale for $10. They’re trying to decide whether or not to keep that part of the business. Please spread the word. If you live in the Kalamazoo area, don’t go online to buy a new bra. Stop in at Mastec first. Help show them that they really are serving a need in our community.

And if you don’t want to do it for them, do it for me. After all, I may be wearing a 34/36H today, but who knows what size the girls will decide to grow to by the time September rolls around.



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2 responses to “Live! From Kalamazoo! It’s…

  1. Maria

    I need to find a place like that. According to my measurements (which may or may not be entirely accurate) I should be buying a 32G.

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