Waiting for Z

So, accreditation, right? Dr Z wants to make sure we at least look to the ACCME like we’re really participating in everything they have to offer. They have a newsletter? We’re on the list. They want to give a training workshop? We’re there. Except we’ve just gotten the dates for the next workshop. July 31-Aug 2. One of us should go. And Dr Z? Yeah. He’s going to be in Ireland. I said I’d ask the midwife about it at Centering today. It’s only as far as Chicago, so it’s not as though I need to get on a plane to go there.

And here’s what the midwife said. It should be okay, but I should see someone at the clinic before going. This means I could have my hotel booked and the registration paid and wind up losing all of that money. In order to get a refund, you have to cancel registration mid-July. The hotel? Yeah, it has a 72 hour cancellation policy. And you know who would get stuck with the bill? If you think it’s work, you’re wrong. Can’t get reimbursed for something I don’t attend.

And the real wrench in the works? While the baby was fine on the ultrasound, the momma was only mostly fine.

“Do you know what placenta previa is?” the midwife asked.

“Yes,” I replied. She didn’t look surprised. She must have remembered what I do for a living.

“Your ultrasound showed a slight placenta previa.”

While this isn’t good news, it’s not completely bad news. What it means is that the placenta is partially covering my cervix. But only partially. As my uterus continues to grow, the placenta should move up with it. Understandably, I’ll be having another ultrasound closer to my due date. Vaginal delivery and placenta previa don’t mix.

So. I’ll be 34 weeks, so not too far along to travel, but I have a potential complication. I’m not sure if Dr Z will be in the office tomorrow or not. I think he said he would be, but I could be wrong. Space is limited at the workshop. We can’t wait to register at the last minute. But I’m hoping he says it’s not worth the risk, either fiscal or physical.

And in the meanwhile, I’m going to try not to stress over my slight placenta previa. So far it’s been completely asymptomatic. Fingers crossed it stays that way.


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