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And It’s Still Only Friday

And I mean that in a good way. Things have been busy at work, but I desperately need to start dealing with the nursery. Or rather, the room that is to become the nursery. It still has a lot of boxes in it. I have a lot of books… and yarn… and books about things you can do with yarn (specifically knitting-related things you can do with yarn). Yes, it’s been 10 months since I moved. Yes, it’s been long enough that I’ve already renewed my lease. Yes, I’m still unpacking. So I took today off.

Which turned out to be a good thing given the debacle that was my glucose tolerance test last Saturday. But the main lab opens at 7 during the week, and I was able to get an appointment first thing. And since I had Centering yesterday, I had a copy of the lab order in hand. Andrea, the medical assistant who works with the midwife teaching Centering, told me she’d already planned to give me a copy; I just happened to ask her for it first.

But I’m a few days behind in my blogging, so back to Wednesday. For those of you who are wanting to save the date, Meredith, with assistance from Lisa and input from me (obviously), has scheduled the “friend” baby shower. It will be August 3, at 2:30. No, I don’t know the location yet. If you really want to be invited and haven’t already told me so, let me know. I’ll make sure you get an invite from someone, be it Meredith or me or my mom.

Yesterday was Thursday. Work was fairly uneventful. I felt like I was able to get lots of little things taken care of. I still can’t see my desk for the activity files that need labels and/or checklists and/or to be closed, but Dr Z had come up with a list of things that we needed to deal with, and I was able to check most of them off. And those that I couldn’t quite check off have at least moved on to the next step. And my mommy stopped by with raspberries. And, let’s face it, that really was the high point of the work day. I’d much rather eat a container of fresh raspberries as my fruit at lunchtime than the peach fruit cup that I’d packed. (This is a pitiful time of year for good fresh fruit. Sure, strawberries are in and are wonderful, but it’s hard to buy a week’s worth of strawberries at the market; they just don’t last long enough. I’m looking forward to when stone fruit season begins.)

And, of course, I got to leave work early yesterday because it was Centering. Lori, naturally, asked if I’d made an appointment for my three-hour glucose yet. I told her I had made that appointment twice now. She was appalled that I’d been there on Saturday, and there was no lab order, especially with the diet and fasting involved in preparation for it. The good news is that although I measured large at my last appointment, I was once again spot on this time – 29 cm for my 29 weeks. And despite the fact that I don’t feel like I’m gaining weight, I really have, at an appropriate rate. And my blood pressure, despite accreditation, was nice and normal.

The focus of this week’s Centering was breastfeeding. One of the lactation consultants from Borgess came to talk. Honestly, we could have asked her questions and listened to her responses for hours. Alas, we only had 45 minutes. Which we ran long on. She was my favorite type of lactation consultant. Someone asked how long we should breastfeed. She said the AAP recommends six months to a year, but if you nurse for two years, two months, or two days, it’s still good. Of course she prefers breast milk to formula, but she isn’t going to condemn anyone as a bad mother for not doing it for long. And I was able to get good instructions for starting bottle feeding, too. Because, obviously, the baby is going to have to take a bottle from Nonna and Gpa.

And today was my three-hour glucose tolerance test. The good news is that my fasting glucose was better this time than at my last three-hour test. I wish that they would run more than the fasting level through the meter so that we wouldn’t have to wait for results. I’m not sure when to expect to hear from the clinic. They never did call with my results from my first three-hour test…

At any rate, I picked up my mom around 6:30, and she went to save us good seats under the skylight while I got checked in. I noticed another pregnant woman and wondered if she was in for a one-hour or a three-hour test. It turned out to be the latter. We bonded over the People’s Food Co-op, midwives, and Prokofiev. Yes, there was one moment that the three of us were singing Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Yes, my mom and I brought plenty of knitting, and our new best friend had brought some editing she was working on, but the three of us had a delightful conversation over the three hours of my test. (I had an earlier start than she did.) Clearly, we really weren’t supposed to be hanging out at the lab for three hours last Saturday. At the very least, it wouldn’t have been quite as much fun as waiting for today’s draws turned out to be.

I was done by 10:30, and I was starving. With only a brief detour via the library drop box, we headed straight for Sophia’s for brunch. We chose Sophia’s for two reasons: 1. It’s right next to where I live. 2. They serve HUGE portions, so you can always get at least two meals out of it. And it was delicious. And the bump and I were both very happy to have real food, especially protein.

And then my mom and I took our leftovers back to my place. She cleaned the bathroom while I unpacked boxes. And then she cleaned the kitchen while I unpacked some more boxes. I confess she was still cleaning the kitchen when I decided I needed a break. And then she dusted and vacuumed. And I rested my eyes a little. No, I did not take a nap. But I did take my glasses off and close my eyes for a bit. And together we changed the sheets because that’s a task that’s always easier with two. And then my daddy brought the rocking chair for the nursery. (It’s currently in the living room, but I was short on seating in there, so that was the plan for where it would go today.) And he also brought the dinner that my mom prepared for us yesterday. (A lovely quinoa rhubarb salad. That’s right. You sauté the rhubarb. It’s got goat cheese and almonds and is served on a bed of lettuce. It was amazingly good. We’re definitely keeping it in our rhubarb-season repertoire.) We sat on the balcony and ate. And we had watermelon for dessert. And my mom took pretty much all of my non-clothes laundry home. And my dad is working on a few things to make the rearranged furniture work the way I want it to. The only pity is that it’s cooled down; we had hoped to go swimming, but it was a little brisk for jumping in the pool. But sitting on the balcony was perfect.

And I am beat. But I keep forgetting that tomorrow is Saturday, not today. It’s still Friday. I have a whole weekend ahead of me.


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Random Monday

Yes, I’m stealing the concept of a “random” post from the Yarn Harlot. But there are lots of little things.

  1. My boss is an extrovert. He asked how my weekend was. I said busy. He said, “Oh, that’s good!” Really. He was really happy for me that I’d had a busy weekend. I told him that, no, it wasn’t. I’m looking forward to a weekend that I can just hang by the pool. Even after the bump comes, such a thing will be possible. I spared him the saga of Saturday’s lab failure.
  2. Speaking of which, I was able to get the 7am appointment on Friday. And Borgess Women’s Health was very apologetic about the missing lab order. (No, I didn’t use the “I Feel” statement. I just said that I’d scheduled an appointment for Saturday and when I got there, there was no order.) The nurse I spoke with said she would fax the order down.
  3. Ironically, the one person I had a hard time reaching was Lori. But once I did, she went out of her way to track down the lab order.
  4. She still wasn’t able to track down the lab order.
  5. But the good news is that I have Centering on Thursday. I have no intention of leaving that appointment without a copy of the lab order to take with me on Friday.
  6. On the accreditation front, my village has reached all the way to Texas where my predecessor as CME Coordinator now lives. She’s not only agreed to consult on our self-study, but offered to update a template she has so that I’ll just be able to plug our answers in without having to start the document from scratch. And she said that if she lived closer, she’d offer to cover while I’m on maternity leave. That last bit made me laugh because my mom and I have more than once thought that it’s a pity we can’t ask her to do that what with the commute and all.
  7. The bump and I had the pool All To Ourselves today. It’s the best the water has been. Just cold enough to feel good but not so cold that jumping in was a total shock. I wonder if the sunbathers were all ensconced in their air-conditioned flats.
  8. No, I have not turned the AC on yet.
  9. But back to the pool. I swam a few laps and then set my book on the deck so that I could stand in the shallow end while I read.
  10. The microwave really is the ultimate way to make stewed rhubarb. Ten minutes, and it’s done and ready for breakfast for the week.
  11. Except for Friday, of course, since I won’t be able to eat anything until after my blood work is done.
  12. Like Spinal Tap’s amp, my list goes to 11.
  13. Shoot, that last one made 12…


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Not Their Finest Moment, Except for Lori

I try to be a compliant patient. Really I do. When the nurse called me on Tuesday, I told her I had to look at my schedule before I could make an appointment for my three-hour glucose tolerance test. She said she’d make a note to call and remind me if I didn’t. And I did make an appointment for the test. I called Borgess Women’s Health back and was transferred down to central scheduling and tried to make an appointment for 8 this morning. They couldn’t take me then, but said I could come in at 9 as long as I wasn’t late. And I thought, gee, I hope that Borgess Women’s Health makes sure to send the lab order down because it wasn’t in the system yet when I made the appointment. But it was only about ten minutes after I’d spoken with the nurse that I did make the appointment, so I trusted them to do what they needed to do.

And so this morning, my mom and I headed off to the market at 7:30 so that we could be to Borgess well in advance of my 9am appointment. Part of our thinking was that maybe, just maybe, they’d be able to get me in early. We never got the chance to find out. I had an appointment, all right, but there was no lab order. And patient intake couldn’t schedule me for next weekend because you have to go through central scheduling to do that. (I would like to point out that they have an EMR. There is no reason that intake shouldn’t have been able to schedule me.) The woman who was trying to check me in is named Lori. She apologized profusely that the lab couldn’t run my test because there was no order. She made a note to follow up with people on Monday when Borgess Women’s Health is open again. She told me she, personally, would make sure that there was a lab order when I came back in. She started to give me the number for central scheduling, which I told her I didn’t need. (Because of where I work, I deal with both hospitals a lot. I know their main numbers.) She gave me her card and told me to call her on Monday to make sure we got everything taken care of. She was everything you would want in customer service. Remember that. ‘Cause it’s going to go downhill from here.

I’m sure you can understand that I was livid. I was tired. I was hungry. I was frustrated. I was mad at Borgess Women’s Health for not doing what they were supposed to do when I had done what I was supposed to do.

So my mom and I do what you do in these situations. We went out to breakfast. And while we waited for our food, I called Borgess. I asked for scheduling for the lab. I was transferred to the lab. I said I would like to schedule a three-hour glucose tolerance test, please. I was told I didn’t need to make an appointment for that. I informed her that, in fact, for a three-hour test, I did need to make an appointment. She transferred me to central scheduling. An automated voice told me that they were closed. I called back. I asked for scheduling for the lab. The operator, or whoever they had answering the phone, complained that she didn’t know what number that was. But despite her inability to look up a number without being polite about it, I was transferred to the lab. I said I would like to schedule a three-hour glucose tolerance test, please. She asked if I’d been cut off because hadn’t she just transferred me. I explained that there was a message that they were closed. She grumbled something about how outpatient services are open right now. (At least she recognized that someone should have answered the phone.) She asked me to hold on for a minute. A man answered the phone. I said I would like to schedule a three-hour glucose tolerance test, please. He told me I would have to talk to central scheduling. I told him that I’d been transferred there already and they were closed. He said well, you have to go through them, I can’t help you. I gritted my teeth as I said thank you and hung up. (Yes, I really said please every single time. My momma done raised me up right.)

My mom’s comment was that they clearly had the “D” team working on Saturday. Except for Lori. I just have to keep telling myself that one person gave me excellent customer service today. One person made it clear she was doing everything in her power to rectify the system. One. Out of five. I spoke with at least four different people on the phone. I’m being kind and not counting the automated message I got from central scheduling. I suppose we can give half a star to the woman at the lab who was clearly frustrated that she’d transferred me to a line that should have been answered, but it would have been nice if she’d at least told me who she was going to try and transfer me to that second time. So I’ll raise their grade. 1.5/5.

And Monday? I apologize to whichever nurse I wind up speaking with at Borgess Women’s Health. Chances are it will not be the same person I spoke with on Tuesday. I’ve been working on my “I Feel” statement. (Thank you, Mrs. Ward’s middle school “Life Skills” class! I quote you more than most of my pre-college teachers!) How does this sound? “Borgess Women’s Health, when you didn’t submit the order to the lab, I felt frustrated because I had followed through with scheduling, prepping for, and meeting an appointment like you asked me to.” I’m still not totally happy with the “because” part of the statement. It doesn’t quite follow the formula that Mrs. Ward taught us, but I’m working hard not to go straight into bitchy territory with it. Maybe “because I know how important patient compliance is for treatment.” Or “because you’re really messing with my ability to do anything else in my life except go to work and sit in the lab getting my blood drawn and I really need to get the baby’s room ready so that I can beg my strong, manly cousins to move a marble top dresser from my parents’ house to my place on the 4th of July, and I know they’ll do it because they are awesome guys, but they’ll possibly (probably) still complain about it even though the meat never gets on the grill at the time that we plan for it to happen so there will be plenty of time for us to make a run moving one slightly (very) heavy piece of furniture.”

Yeah, that last one is probably a little too much… But I do think “frustrated” is definitely the correct feeling to express. And come Monday? Well, Monday, I’ll call the lab, and I’ll call Borgess Women’s Health, and I’ll call Lori. And it will all be fine. Plus, I have Centering on Thursday. I’m going to make sure they give me a copy of the lab order. There will be no excuse for them this time.

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Better, Mostly

Today was mostly better than yesterday. I managed to get all of the grants submitted (except, of course, for the one on which we missed the deadline – no sense in bothering with that one). And I got the additional paperwork submitted for a couple of the displays. Fingers crossed this puts everything in the drug companies’ boats for the time being.

And I have been successfully navigating the ACCME’s PARS system. Don’t ask me what it stands for. I can’t remember. It’s the online system for uploading all of our activity details so that they can tell me which files they want to review as part of our accreditation process. Fortunately, I’ve been able to copy and paste all of the work I already did for state-level accreditation into the ACCME’s spreadsheet that can be used to batch upload files. Or rather, I’ve managed to do that for 2010. They changed formats in 2011, and I ran out of time this afternoon before I could start copying and pasting everything from 2011 to the present. Okay, to March of this year… That’s when I needed to submit details for the state when we still thought we were going to be re-accredited by them. I’ll have to go back and see what’s new that still needs to be added. But at least it’s faster than entering four years’ worth of activities one by one.

But I was still on the verge today. My boss called and asked if I wanted him to order lunch. (I love how he says it that way. Like he’s the one who’s going to do the work.) I’m sure you can understand that I was not in the mood to make any decisions. I said it was up to him. He insisted it was really up to me. I told him I’d packed a lunch. (I do need to pay closer attention to what I eat since I’m getting ready for another 3-hour glucose tolerance test. Although, honestly, not sure it’s really all that different from the way I normally eat… But lunch delivered by whomever we would have had deliver would make things more difficult to keep track of.) He said he’d buy another time.

But like I said, it was mostly better today. And then I randomly started crying on the way home from work. And I truly mean it was random. You ready for what got me started? “These Boots Are Made for Walking”. Yes. I don’t know why. Like I said, it was random.

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One of Those Days

It’s been one of those days. I’ve spent a lot of it hearing Peter Falk’s voice in the back of my head saying, “Who says life is fair? Where is that written?”

I failed my one-hour glucose tolerance test. Again. So I need to take a three-hour test. Again. And I still have morning sickness. And there’s just something completely wrong about that. Can’t I just have one thing be wrong? It’s not fair. (Cue Peter Falk.) And since it’s a three-hour test, I have to schedule it. ‘Cause, you know, I really have time to sit in the lab for three hours. (I understand that there is a desk somewhere underneath all of the files. I vaguely recall seeing it a couple of years ago…) But I’m a good girl (most of the time), so I called the lab and asked for as early as possible on Saturday. Oh, they only have one appointment for a glucose tolerance test on Saturday and it’s already taken. WTF? You can’t schedule more than one? Say, one at 8 and another at 8:15 and another at 8:30? Not rocket science people! Or brain surgery for that matter. I told her that I could not come in during the week because I was too swamped at work. She grudgingly accommodated me by saying I could come at 9, but I couldn’t be late because the lab closes at noon.

Okay, she might have been more pleasant that I felt like she was. I was not having a good day. I spent most of it with my door closed so that I could cry in peace. It was one of those days when I’d manage to pull myself together just long enough to make it to the bathroom and would have to work at keeping it together until I made it back to the sanctuary of my office. It was one of those days where the worst thing was having to deal with people. Don’t be nice to me and don’t make me be nice to you. It will just make me start crying again. (Cue Fred Savage: “But it’s not fair.”) At least I didn’t run out of tissues.

I spent the day trying to get caught up on the grants and display requests for a conference in August. And in keeping with the general mood, that process turned out to be an ordeal. First Word froze up so solidly that I couldn’t even force it to quit and wound up having to reboot my entire system. (Fortunately, I was able to do a proper shutdown, so it wasn’t a hard reboot.) Then two of the display requests bounced back, which meant the course director either sent me bad email addresses or he sent me contact info for drug reps who no longer work for those companies. I then had to recalculate the grant request amounts because this is one of those doctors who works on the “if I request too much then I’ll be approved for enough to cover all of the expenses” principle, which is a sure fire way to make sure that NO ONE approves your grant request. He wanted me to request a good 10k more than the expected expenses. Yeah. It doesn’t work that way. So I gathered all the paperwork for the first grant request, got it all uploaded, hit submit, and landed on a blank page. I waited a bit to see if I would get an automated email. I didn’t. So I called the company. There was no option to speak to someone in the grants department, so I hit * to be taken back to the beginning of the menu, which led the phone to start ringing. And ringing. And ringing. So I hung up and dialed again to get back into the menu so that I would know which number to hit to get the receptionist. And once I did that (it was 5, by the way), the phone rang about a dozen times before I was taken to her voicemail. I checked the clock. It was 2. Maybe they’re Mountain Time. I checked the address. Pennsylvania. Yeah, no excuse for the phone to ring that many times before I wound up in voicemail. And, yes, I’m still waiting for them to call back.

So that was grant #1. I didn’t have a bookmark for the company for grant #2, so I had to email the drug rep to get the information on how to submit a request. Grant #3 was going swimmingly until it asked for our joint sponsor’s tax ID number. I left a voicemail for their admin and emailed her with everything I needed. Once she gets back to me, all I have to do is enter that information and hit “submit”. Grant #4 had a 60-day deadline, and today we are officially 58 days out. And grant #5 was like grant #2.

So there I was, initially thinking I was going to have to work late in order to get all five (or rather four since we missed the deadline on one) grants submitted, stuck in a holding pattern. Around 3:25 as I was starting to get ready to leave, the rep for grant #2 emailed me back with the form that their company required. (No wonder I didn’t have a page bookmarked!) And so I printed it off and started gathering all of the appropriate forms. And while I was doing that, the rep for grant #5 emailed with the person I needed to contact. I shot off a quick message to this new rep and then finished compiling everything I needed for grant #2. This company gives instructions for fax, email, or snail mail. Since I had to print everything off anyway, I started with the fax option. And there was no answer. Naturally. So I scanned the forms and emailed the company.

And that brings us to 4pm. Nine hours in the office, and I managed to send a batch of display request letters, which only take about five minutes apiece, and submit one grant. The bulk of my day resulted in one grant submission. ‘Cause I wasn’t frustrated enough by the results of my bloodwork.

But when I called my mom to cry, she asked if I needed anything from Meijer’s. And I said I was going to need yogurt. And maybe some frozen green beans would be good. Oh, and milk. And if there’s any fruit worth eating… And she bought groceries for me while she was there buying groceries for herself. She bought me raspberries. And pineapple, already cut up so I don’t have to work at it. And she bought me both French-cut green beans and regular green beans, so I could have choices. And she packaged some grapes into individual servings so all I have to do is put them in my lunchbag.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am crying as I write this. Like I said, it’s just been one of those days.

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A Very Busy Weekend

Proof that it was a very busy weekend? I got home on Saturday, looked at the tripmeter, and thought “How have I driven 200 miles since I filled up yesterday? I haven’t gone anywhere other than around town! Oh, right, I drove to East Lansing and back.” Yes, by Saturday afternoon, I’d already forgotten about driving 180 miles on Friday.

Saturday began with my third glucose tolerance test of this pregnancy. But unlike the first one-hour, non-fasting test, I was prepared this time. I did fast, even though it wasn’t required. And I brought my mom along with entertainment. And I must say she was more entertaining than the company another expectant mother had brought for her multi-hour test. He fell asleep shortly after her first draw and was still asleep when we left. My mom and I were also amazed that this other woman had brought nothing to do. Nothing to read. Nothing to knit. Okay, we recognize that not everyone is a knitter or prolific reader, but not even a check-out lane magazine? Especially when you know you’ll be hanging out in the waiting room for hours?

There were a couple of other tests while I was there. One was another prenatal panel, checking hemoglobin, etc. The other was because I’m Rh-negative, to determine if the baby is also Rh-negative. I have no plans to ever be pregnant again, but just in case a surprise happens (I’m looking at you, Great-grandma Finnegan, getting pregnant at the age of 50), if the baby is Rh-positive, I’ll need drugs to prevent the development of antibodies to the Rh antigen.

After we were done at the lab, my mom and I hit the farmers’ market. (We go even if nothing we want is in season because it’s there, so how can we not go and savor the sights, sounds, and smells?) We both wanted rhubarb and strawberries. And we were able to snag some of the last of the rhubarb from one of our favorite vendors. You see, it was almost 9:30 by the time we got to the market, and we only go that late when something has precluded us from going at our usual 8… or 7:30. And Vissers still had beautiful strawberries that tasted as good as they smelled.

I drove my mom home, went home to drop off my produce, and then packed my bag for World Wide Knit in Public Day. They still call it that even though it now lasts a week. I prefer it as a day, but at least this meant that we didn’t miss it this year. We wound up celebrating at the end of the week-long celebration. And thanks to a friend who was culling her library, we had a collection of “white elephant” books for people to draw from. And few enough people showed up that we have books to give away at next year’s World Wide Knit in Public Day. (Yes, my mom and I do laugh a bit at the concept because it makes it sound like we wouldn’t normally knit in public. We, in fact, knit in public frequently. We belong to knitting groups that meet in public. We knit in public if it’s just the two of us. We knit in public alone. Maybe we need a twelve-step program…)

It was after two by the time I got home. And I was exhausted. (This is when I forgot about having driven to East Lansing and back the previous day.)

Sunday was a bit quieter. Or at least it started later. Around 1:30, I went to my parents’ so that my dad could open his Father’s Day present (a framed snapshot of him on the Paletine from a trip to Rome when he and I took off for a day to hit some of the ruins). I then rode with them to our cousin’s graduation party.

My dad’s family is quite large. He has something like 30 cousins. (I can never remember the exact number.) Alec, the graduate, is the middle son of the youngest of my dad’s cousins. It’s hard to believe he’s old enough to be graduating, especially since that means his little brother is going to graduate in just two years. But I do have to say, all three of these boys have turned out well. I shouldn’t be surprised; they have pretty awesome parents. My mom has often said that if she hadn’t met my dad, she probably would have wound up marrying one of those other Banner boys. I can see why. It’s a pretty good branch of the family tree.

And since Alec’s mom is a theatre person (and Alec himself played the son in The Full Monty four years ago, a production his mom and I were also in), it makes for some fun overlap in friendships. I haven’t seen Julie in a while, but I wasn’t surprised to see her there with her whole family. We didn’t have a lot of time to chat because her boys (including the two-year-old) were swimming, and she appeared to be the parent in charge. But before I left, she made me promise to call if I ever needed a sitter so that I could do nothing but sleep. (She also made me promise to make sure to let her know when the shower is. Hear that, Meredith? People want to know when the shower is!) I’ve been thinking it’s about time I start officially lining up my village. It’s reassuring to know that I already have Village People insisting on lending a hand.

P.S. For those of you who are following the accreditation saga, I got the pre-application approval on Friday. This then entailed filling out a form confirming our intent to apply. Yes, everything we’d already submitted wasn’t confirmation enough. The good news is that the letter indicated that our previous accreditation qualifies us to apply for “re-accreditation” which means a possible four-year standard accreditation. I spoke with the ACCME today and was told that we would also be considered for a six-year accreditation with commendation term if we chose to submit information for Criteria 16-22. Yes, we still have a lot of work today, but as long as all goes well, we won’t have to reapply in two years. And the person I spoke with told me to consider him our main contact person. If I have any questions, I should call and ask for him specifically. They don’t make it easy, but they really do offer pretty good service. I’ll keep you posted!

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Leave it to Nonna

Things have been so incredibly busy this week. I’ll be at work and think “must write post about this!” And then 17 other things happen, and by the time I get home and have a chance to breathe, I’m ready for bed.

The first thing that is amusing to me most of you will read and just think that I’m weird. I finally emailed our benefits specialist about setting up a time to go over my maternity leave details. I got an appointment from her for next Thursday with the subject “loa”. She works in HR. I work in CME. LOA means two different things. It took me a minute to parse why she’d given the meeting the subject of “Letter of Agreement”. Oh, right. Leave of Absence. That’s also “loa”… (I said most of you would just think I’m weird.)

And then Thursday after I got off work, my mom and I went to Babies ‘R’ Us to register. Two hours. (Although Courtney’s response to that was the best: “Only two hours?”) My mom and I are not shoppers. We have a time limit. (Okay, Fiber Fest doesn’t count. That’s yarn and sheep and goats. It’s not real shopping.) We figured we’d need maybe an hour. We were very, very wrong. But I’m all registered now, so the Baby Shower Planning can commence.

I figure I’m going to have at least two showers. One will be the family shower, and one will be the friends shower. Who knows about a work shower or whether I’ll wind up with more than one friends shower. I think I have enough overlap in my friends groups to make sure everyone gets invited even if the host doesn’t know everyone. You know – Meredith (KAMSC) knows Jenny (KAMSC & Knitting) knows Issa (Knitting & Theatre) – and so on. The friends shower, as far as I know, is not in the planning process yet, but the family shower definitely is.

You see, my nieces are coming to visit for a week this summer. (They’ll be staying with Nonna and Gpa because Zia Beth has to go to work.) And we thought they would have fun if we planned to have the family shower while they were here. So that’s when we scheduled it. And then Nonna decided to put them in charge. While she did put her foot down on having a bouncy castle, I understand there will be a ring toss. I suspect this will be a fun shower. (BTW, they’re not completely clear on this. They keep talking about my bridal shower.)

Yesterday, I had a meeting in East Lansing and then went to my parents’ for dinner. I got home around 8, which meant I took my book and went to bed.

(Accreditation Update: I got the email with our pre-application approval yesterday. The next step? Fill out the online “confirmation of intent to apply”. Yes, after filling out a request for the pre-application and the pre-application, we still had to submit a form with our intent to apply. We can now start the application. This is why Zia Beth needs to go to work while her nieces are in town.)

And now I really need to go and get ready to leave because I have a glucose tolerance test this morning and want to get there when the lab opens at 8. After that, there will be the farmers’ market and World Wide Knit in Public Day.

And for those of you who are wondering if I’m really as busy as I say, tomorrow is, of course, Father’s Day. It’s also a cousin’s graduation party. I think I need a few more things scheduled this weekend…

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