A Little Pampering

I’ve been meaning to schedule a massage since I was officially discharged from PT, but things have been a little busy since then. Yesterday, I finally got around to texting Mary to see what her schedule looked like. She texted back around 9:15pm. Normally, I’d be a little annoyed at getting a response when I’m trying to fall asleep, but the bump was busy doing arabesques, so I was awake.

You may recall that the nurses had a hard time measuring the bump’s heartbeat because it was kicking so much. Well, I can feel all of those kicks now.

And you may be wondering why I suggest that it was doing arabesques last night. Well, this is what a third arabesque looks like, and the bump was simultaneously hitting me on opposite sides. Having received my ballet dancer genes, clearly the bump is already practicing this particular position. And since it was kicking me so hard, I put my hand on that spot and felt it kick both from the inside and the outside. And that’s what I was doing when I got Mary’s text.

So today, I got a lovely almost-birthday present. I got the computer kinks worked out of my back and the tension worked out of my calves. (My left one decided to cramp up on me this morning. I commend it for its timing.) And she spent some extra time on my left shoulder. My range of motion is almost back to normal, but some encouragement for it to stay that way doesn’t hurt.

Mary also told me that she didn’t care if my due date is the 10th; she thinks I should wait until the 12th so that the bump will share her birthday. She says she’s lousy at predicting gender (almost 100% of the time gets it wrong, which is incredibly good at predicting in a way as long as you know to expect the opposite of what she predicts), but she’s very good at predicting birthdates. So the next time the bump and I go see her, she’s going to do whatever it is that she does to tell me when the bump is really going to arrive. Don’t tell my niece. Felicity loves schedules. God forbid this be the time that Mary is wrong and Felicity is upset because the baby doesn’t arrive when we tell her it’s going to!

Oh, and as I was leaving, Mary told me she would not be knitting for the bump. I assured her that I wouldn’t be hurt. She does knit, but she knows the bump will be receiving plenty of knit goods. I mean, its momma alone has already knit two sweaters, a hat, mittens, overalls, a pair of booties, and has another sweater on the needles…


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