Cheerleaders Where You Least Expect Them

Before I get to the story related to today’s title, let me begin by saying that as of 12:26 this morning, I officially have Advanced Maternal Age. Yes, I am now 35. And it’s been a lovely birthday. Mostly quiet. Of course, that probably relates in part to the fact that I didn’t go to Harding’s after my massage yesterday, so I didn’t have the ingredients to make my traditional birthday treats. People at work don’t catch on to the fact it’s your birthday if there’s no food. But Tiffany was celebrating her birthday early (she’s taking the rest of the week off), so there were birthday treats in her office. I used them as vicarious birthday treats. And after work, I had dinner with my parents. They just got back from my brother’s and had brought the cards my nieces made for me with them. (Thank you, girls! I’ll be hanging them up in my office so that everyone can see your handiwork!) And just before I started writing this, my brother called, so I was serenaded by his family. Yes, my family goes for uneventful birthdays. My parents and I do plan to do something special to celebrate since this is the last time it will be just me (mostly – the bump does make its presence known, although for the moment only when we’re alone). We still have to figure out what and when, but we will do something.

But really what touched my heart today was completely unrelated to the fact that it’s my birthday. I ran into a colleague in the hall. She was getting ready to head out and was waiting for someone who was in the bathroom.

“Congratulations,” she said. “I just heard, and it’s just wonderful what you’re doing. My daughter was thinking about it, too.” Unfortunately, her daughter hit some health complications, fibroids or something like that, that needs to be resolved before she can even contemplate getting pregnant.

Because of the situation, we didn’t have much time to talk. I was trying to remember Brandie’s name when the person she was waiting for came out of the bathroom, and of course, the elevator was already on our floor, so we got cut off.

But it was the last thing I expected to be talking about today. I never expected one of my colleagues to ask who my doctor was because she was looking for a referral. And while most of the people I work with are supportive, I’ve only spoken with a few about being a single mother by choice. It’s not that I keep it a secret. I wouldn’t have a blog if that were the case. It just doesn’t come up in conversation. Turns out my support system is even bigger than I thought.


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