I’m Going to Miss You When You’re Gone

And by “you”, I of course mean Talk of the Nation. There were two segments today that made me contemplate emailing my comments. But I didn’t. it felt too much like work.

The first was the last segment of the first hour. It was all about when series shock and/or disappoint us. Or rather disappoint us by shocking us. The discussion started because of Game of Thrones, but they asked for other examples. I did smile when someone called in to say that it took her a long time to pick Little Women back up after Jo rejects Laurie’s proposal. (Yes, Maria, I thought of you.) That never bothered me. Okay, maybe it bothered me, but not so much that I didn’t keep reading long enough to fall for Professor Bhaer. What I thought about writing in with is Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley series. She bumps off a character in a most senseless way. (I don’t want to say who in case you haven’t read the books.) I reread that page three or four times because I couldn’t believe what had happened, especially when it’s revealed that the murder has absolutely nothing to do with the case that’s the main plot of the book. (What is interesting, though, is that George says that from the time she created that character, she knew that character was going to die. She may have seen it coming, but I definitely didn’t!) I know a lot of people were bothered by several of the deaths in Harry Potter, but that series is steeped enough in classical mythology, that I can understand them. There are formulae to a hero’s quest, and Rowling, as a classical scholar herself, follows them in the books. But Elizabeth George… The end of With No One As Witness was brutal.

And then, after switching to Interlochen Public Radio on my phone, the second hour began with a discussion of only children. The pros. The cons. The myths. And when I talk to people about my pregnancy, they frequently ask if this is my first.

“First and only,” I reply.

This invariably leads to some response about how I’ll change my mind or, at the very least, an eyeroll.

Now, yes, something could happen in the future. I could meet my soul mate. And we could have a surprise. But considering how much work it was to conceive this one, it would definitely be a surprise!

So, yes, this is my first and only. And just like Nonna and Gpa are not going to keep doing childcare once the bump is old enough to be in a group daycare, I have no plans for that to change. It was nice to hear a discussion that affirmed my decision and confirmed that I’m not the only person met with askance looks when I say my child is going to be my only child.

P.S. I wonder if I should make a paper chain to count down the days I have left to enjoy TOTN…


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