Leave it to Nonna

Things have been so incredibly busy this week. I’ll be at work and think “must write post about this!” And then 17 other things happen, and by the time I get home and have a chance to breathe, I’m ready for bed.

The first thing that is amusing to me most of you will read and just think that I’m weird. I finally emailed our benefits specialist about setting up a time to go over my maternity leave details. I got an appointment from her for next Thursday with the subject “loa”. She works in HR. I work in CME. LOA means two different things. It took me a minute to parse why she’d given the meeting the subject of “Letter of Agreement”. Oh, right. Leave of Absence. That’s also “loa”… (I said most of you would just think I’m weird.)

And then Thursday after I got off work, my mom and I went to Babies ‘R’ Us to register. Two hours. (Although Courtney’s response to that was the best: “Only two hours?”) My mom and I are not shoppers. We have a time limit. (Okay, Fiber Fest doesn’t count. That’s yarn and sheep and goats. It’s not real shopping.) We figured we’d need maybe an hour. We were very, very wrong. But I’m all registered now, so the Baby Shower Planning can commence.

I figure I’m going to have at least two showers. One will be the family shower, and one will be the friends shower. Who knows about a work shower or whether I’ll wind up with more than one friends shower. I think I have enough overlap in my friends groups to make sure everyone gets invited even if the host doesn’t know everyone. You know – Meredith (KAMSC) knows Jenny (KAMSC & Knitting) knows Issa (Knitting & Theatre) – and so on. The friends shower, as far as I know, is not in the planning process yet, but the family shower definitely is.

You see, my nieces are coming to visit for a week this summer. (They’ll be staying with Nonna and Gpa because Zia Beth has to go to work.) And we thought they would have fun if we planned to have the family shower while they were here. So that’s when we scheduled it. And then Nonna decided to put them in charge. While she did put her foot down on having a bouncy castle, I understand there will be a ring toss. I suspect this will be a fun shower. (BTW, they’re not completely clear on this. They keep talking about my bridal shower.)

Yesterday, I had a meeting in East Lansing and then went to my parents’ for dinner. I got home around 8, which meant I took my book and went to bed.

(Accreditation Update: I got the email with our pre-application approval yesterday. The next step? Fill out the online “confirmation of intent to apply”. Yes, after filling out a request for the pre-application and the pre-application, we still had to submit a form with our intent to apply. We can now start the application. This is why Zia Beth needs to go to work while her nieces are in town.)

And now I really need to go and get ready to leave because I have a glucose tolerance test this morning and want to get there when the lab opens at 8. After that, there will be the farmers’ market and World Wide Knit in Public Day.

And for those of you who are wondering if I’m really as busy as I say, tomorrow is, of course, Father’s Day. It’s also a cousin’s graduation party. I think I need a few more things scheduled this weekend…


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