A Very Busy Weekend

Proof that it was a very busy weekend? I got home on Saturday, looked at the tripmeter, and thought “How have I driven 200 miles since I filled up yesterday? I haven’t gone anywhere other than around town! Oh, right, I drove to East Lansing and back.” Yes, by Saturday afternoon, I’d already forgotten about driving 180 miles on Friday.

Saturday began with my third glucose tolerance test of this pregnancy. But unlike the first one-hour, non-fasting test, I was prepared this time. I did fast, even though it wasn’t required. And I brought my mom along with entertainment. And I must say she was more entertaining than the company another expectant mother had brought for her multi-hour test. He fell asleep shortly after her first draw and was still asleep when we left. My mom and I were also amazed that this other woman had brought nothing to do. Nothing to read. Nothing to knit. Okay, we recognize that not everyone is a knitter or prolific reader, but not even a check-out lane magazine? Especially when you know you’ll be hanging out in the waiting room for hours?

There were a couple of other tests while I was there. One was another prenatal panel, checking hemoglobin, etc. The other was because I’m Rh-negative, to determine if the baby is also Rh-negative. I have no plans to ever be pregnant again, but just in case a surprise happens (I’m looking at you, Great-grandma Finnegan, getting pregnant at the age of 50), if the baby is Rh-positive, I’ll need drugs to prevent the development of antibodies to the Rh antigen.

After we were done at the lab, my mom and I hit the farmers’ market. (We go even if nothing we want is in season because it’s there, so how can we not go and savor the sights, sounds, and smells?) We both wanted rhubarb and strawberries. And we were able to snag some of the last of the rhubarb from one of our favorite vendors. You see, it was almost 9:30 by the time we got to the market, and we only go that late when something has precluded us from going at our usual 8… or 7:30. And Vissers still had beautiful strawberries that tasted as good as they smelled.

I drove my mom home, went home to drop off my produce, and then packed my bag for World Wide Knit in Public Day. They still call it that even though it now lasts a week. I prefer it as a day, but at least this meant that we didn’t miss it this year. We wound up celebrating at the end of the week-long celebration. And thanks to a friend who was culling her library, we had a collection of “white elephant” books for people to draw from. And few enough people showed up that we have books to give away at next year’s World Wide Knit in Public Day. (Yes, my mom and I do laugh a bit at the concept because it makes it sound like we wouldn’t normally knit in public. We, in fact, knit in public frequently. We belong to knitting groups that meet in public. We knit in public if it’s just the two of us. We knit in public alone. Maybe we need a twelve-step program…)

It was after two by the time I got home. And I was exhausted. (This is when I forgot about having driven to East Lansing and back the previous day.)

Sunday was a bit quieter. Or at least it started later. Around 1:30, I went to my parents’ so that my dad could open his Father’s Day present (a framed snapshot of him on the Paletine from a trip to Rome when he and I took off for a day to hit some of the ruins). I then rode with them to our cousin’s graduation party.

My dad’s family is quite large. He has something like 30 cousins. (I can never remember the exact number.) Alec, the graduate, is the middle son of the youngest of my dad’s cousins. It’s hard to believe he’s old enough to be graduating, especially since that means his little brother is going to graduate in just two years. But I do have to say, all three of these boys have turned out well. I shouldn’t be surprised; they have pretty awesome parents. My mom has often said that if she hadn’t met my dad, she probably would have wound up marrying one of those other Banner boys. I can see why. It’s a pretty good branch of the family tree.

And since Alec’s mom is a theatre person (and Alec himself played the son in The Full Monty four years ago, a production his mom and I were also in), it makes for some fun overlap in friendships. I haven’t seen Julie in a while, but I wasn’t surprised to see her there with her whole family. We didn’t have a lot of time to chat because her boys (including the two-year-old) were swimming, and she appeared to be the parent in charge. But before I left, she made me promise to call if I ever needed a sitter so that I could do nothing but sleep. (She also made me promise to make sure to let her know when the shower is. Hear that, Meredith? People want to know when the shower is!) I’ve been thinking it’s about time I start officially lining up my village. It’s reassuring to know that I already have Village People insisting on lending a hand.

P.S. For those of you who are following the accreditation saga, I got the pre-application approval on Friday. This then entailed filling out a form confirming our intent to apply. Yes, everything we’d already submitted wasn’t confirmation enough. The good news is that the letter indicated that our previous accreditation qualifies us to apply for “re-accreditation” which means a possible four-year standard accreditation. I spoke with the ACCME today and was told that we would also be considered for a six-year accreditation with commendation term if we chose to submit information for Criteria 16-22. Yes, we still have a lot of work today, but as long as all goes well, we won’t have to reapply in two years. And the person I spoke with told me to consider him our main contact person. If I have any questions, I should call and ask for him specifically. They don’t make it easy, but they really do offer pretty good service. I’ll keep you posted!


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