Random Monday

Yes, I’m stealing the concept of a “random” post from the Yarn Harlot. But there are lots of little things.

  1. My boss is an extrovert. He asked how my weekend was. I said busy. He said, “Oh, that’s good!” Really. He was really happy for me that I’d had a busy weekend. I told him that, no, it wasn’t. I’m looking forward to a weekend that I can just hang by the pool. Even after the bump comes, such a thing will be possible. I spared him the saga of Saturday’s lab failure.
  2. Speaking of which, I was able to get the 7am appointment on Friday. And Borgess Women’s Health was very apologetic about the missing lab order. (No, I didn’t use the “I Feel” statement. I just said that I’d scheduled an appointment for Saturday and when I got there, there was no order.) The nurse I spoke with said she would fax the order down.
  3. Ironically, the one person I had a hard time reaching was Lori. But once I did, she went out of her way to track down the lab order.
  4. She still wasn’t able to track down the lab order.
  5. But the good news is that I have Centering on Thursday. I have no intention of leaving that appointment without a copy of the lab order to take with me on Friday.
  6. On the accreditation front, my village has reached all the way to Texas where my predecessor as CME Coordinator now lives. She’s not only agreed to consult on our self-study, but offered to update a template she has so that I’ll just be able to plug our answers in without having to start the document from scratch. And she said that if she lived closer, she’d offer to cover while I’m on maternity leave. That last bit made me laugh because my mom and I have more than once thought that it’s a pity we can’t ask her to do that what with the commute and all.
  7. The bump and I had the pool All To Ourselves today. It’s the best the water has been. Just cold enough to feel good but not so cold that jumping in was a total shock. I wonder if the sunbathers were all ensconced in their air-conditioned flats.
  8. No, I have not turned the AC on yet.
  9. But back to the pool. I swam a few laps and then set my book on the deck so that I could stand in the shallow end while I read.
  10. The microwave really is the ultimate way to make stewed rhubarb. Ten minutes, and it’s done and ready for breakfast for the week.
  11. Except for Friday, of course, since I won’t be able to eat anything until after my blood work is done.
  12. Like Spinal Tap’s amp, my list goes to 11.
  13. Shoot, that last one made 12…


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2 responses to “Random Monday

  1. Anne

    This goes to show I don’t read the header in my emails; I just now saw the “respond to this post by replying above this line”. I was thinking the commute from Texas would work if I flew from DFW to Detroit, visit family over there, and drive to the Zoo… getting Dr. Z to pay for it might be the sticking point 🙂 And your #10 got my mouth watering, can you believe I can’t find fresh Rhubarb down here?!? I realize it wouldn’t be at the local farmers’ market but you would think the grocery stores would ship it in like they do Michigan Blueberries (which are the BEST). I was able to find a “guide for Northerners” on how to successfully grow it in Texas. Treat it as an annual, plant seeds in August, and harvest in the spring… and I have my seeds on order 🙂

    • Oh, I’m so glad you’ve found a way to get rhubarb. With all the fruit that we get shipped from all over up here, you’d think someone would ship rhubarb to sell in Texas! At least it freezes well, so you can harvest the lot and have it last while you’re waiting for the new seeds to grow.

      I like your commute solution. Pity it would cost more than anyone would be willing to reimburse… 🙂

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