And It’s Still Only Friday

And I mean that in a good way. Things have been busy at work, but I desperately need to start dealing with the nursery. Or rather, the room that is to become the nursery. It still has a lot of boxes in it. I have a lot of books… and yarn… and books about things you can do with yarn (specifically knitting-related things you can do with yarn). Yes, it’s been 10 months since I moved. Yes, it’s been long enough that I’ve already renewed my lease. Yes, I’m still unpacking. So I took today off.

Which turned out to be a good thing given the debacle that was my glucose tolerance test last Saturday. But the main lab opens at 7 during the week, and I was able to get an appointment first thing. And since I had Centering yesterday, I had a copy of the lab order in hand. Andrea, the medical assistant who works with the midwife teaching Centering, told me she’d already planned to give me a copy; I just happened to ask her for it first.

But I’m a few days behind in my blogging, so back to Wednesday. For those of you who are wanting to save the date, Meredith, with assistance from Lisa and input from me (obviously), has scheduled the “friend” baby shower. It will be August 3, at 2:30. No, I don’t know the location yet. If you really want to be invited and haven’t already told me so, let me know. I’ll make sure you get an invite from someone, be it Meredith or me or my mom.

Yesterday was Thursday. Work was fairly uneventful. I felt like I was able to get lots of little things taken care of. I still can’t see my desk for the activity files that need labels and/or checklists and/or to be closed, but Dr Z had come up with a list of things that we needed to deal with, and I was able to check most of them off. And those that I couldn’t quite check off have at least moved on to the next step. And my mommy stopped by with raspberries. And, let’s face it, that really was the high point of the work day. I’d much rather eat a container of fresh raspberries as my fruit at lunchtime than the peach fruit cup that I’d packed. (This is a pitiful time of year for good fresh fruit. Sure, strawberries are in and are wonderful, but it’s hard to buy a week’s worth of strawberries at the market; they just don’t last long enough. I’m looking forward to when stone fruit season begins.)

And, of course, I got to leave work early yesterday because it was Centering. Lori, naturally, asked if I’d made an appointment for my three-hour glucose yet. I told her I had made that appointment twice now. She was appalled that I’d been there on Saturday, and there was no lab order, especially with the diet and fasting involved in preparation for it. The good news is that although I measured large at my last appointment, I was once again spot on this time – 29 cm for my 29 weeks. And despite the fact that I don’t feel like I’m gaining weight, I really have, at an appropriate rate. And my blood pressure, despite accreditation, was nice and normal.

The focus of this week’s Centering was breastfeeding. One of the lactation consultants from Borgess came to talk. Honestly, we could have asked her questions and listened to her responses for hours. Alas, we only had 45 minutes. Which we ran long on. She was my favorite type of lactation consultant. Someone asked how long we should breastfeed. She said the AAP recommends six months to a year, but if you nurse for two years, two months, or two days, it’s still good. Of course she prefers breast milk to formula, but she isn’t going to condemn anyone as a bad mother for not doing it for long. And I was able to get good instructions for starting bottle feeding, too. Because, obviously, the baby is going to have to take a bottle from Nonna and Gpa.

And today was my three-hour glucose tolerance test. The good news is that my fasting glucose was better this time than at my last three-hour test. I wish that they would run more than the fasting level through the meter so that we wouldn’t have to wait for results. I’m not sure when to expect to hear from the clinic. They never did call with my results from my first three-hour test…

At any rate, I picked up my mom around 6:30, and she went to save us good seats under the skylight while I got checked in. I noticed another pregnant woman and wondered if she was in for a one-hour or a three-hour test. It turned out to be the latter. We bonded over the People’s Food Co-op, midwives, and Prokofiev. Yes, there was one moment that the three of us were singing Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Yes, my mom and I brought plenty of knitting, and our new best friend had brought some editing she was working on, but the three of us had a delightful conversation over the three hours of my test. (I had an earlier start than she did.) Clearly, we really weren’t supposed to be hanging out at the lab for three hours last Saturday. At the very least, it wouldn’t have been quite as much fun as waiting for today’s draws turned out to be.

I was done by 10:30, and I was starving. With only a brief detour via the library drop box, we headed straight for Sophia’s for brunch. We chose Sophia’s for two reasons: 1. It’s right next to where I live. 2. They serve HUGE portions, so you can always get at least two meals out of it. And it was delicious. And the bump and I were both very happy to have real food, especially protein.

And then my mom and I took our leftovers back to my place. She cleaned the bathroom while I unpacked boxes. And then she cleaned the kitchen while I unpacked some more boxes. I confess she was still cleaning the kitchen when I decided I needed a break. And then she dusted and vacuumed. And I rested my eyes a little. No, I did not take a nap. But I did take my glasses off and close my eyes for a bit. And together we changed the sheets because that’s a task that’s always easier with two. And then my daddy brought the rocking chair for the nursery. (It’s currently in the living room, but I was short on seating in there, so that was the plan for where it would go today.) And he also brought the dinner that my mom prepared for us yesterday. (A lovely quinoa rhubarb salad. That’s right. You sauté the rhubarb. It’s got goat cheese and almonds and is served on a bed of lettuce. It was amazingly good. We’re definitely keeping it in our rhubarb-season repertoire.) We sat on the balcony and ate. And we had watermelon for dessert. And my mom took pretty much all of my non-clothes laundry home. And my dad is working on a few things to make the rearranged furniture work the way I want it to. The only pity is that it’s cooled down; we had hoped to go swimming, but it was a little brisk for jumping in the pool. But sitting on the balcony was perfect.

And I am beat. But I keep forgetting that tomorrow is Saturday, not today. It’s still Friday. I have a whole weekend ahead of me.


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