Of Dressers and Dentists

Well, it turned out to be a good thing that my mom and I worked on making room for furniture in the nursery on Friday. Saturday morning, I emailed my cousins about moving the marble-top dresser from my parents’ place to mine. Since everybody is going to be in our neck of the woods on the 4th, that seemed like as good a time as any. But things worked out even better than planned. Drew and Austin (16 and 17, respectively) just so happened to be at the campground with their grandparents (my aunt and uncle) already. So my dad called my uncle (aka his little brother), and they came up with the plan to just move it on Saturday. So by noon on Saturday, I had a lovely old marble-top dresser in the nursery. It fits wonderfully.

And, yes, there are still a lot of boxes that need to be dealt with before I can put the crib in the room.

And now, I know you’re all wondering where the dentist comes in. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Nothing exciting. Just a routine cleaning. Well, that and getting caught up on the family news with the hygienist. (Sorry, Mom and Dad. You’ll have to find something else to talk to Scott about when you go in for your appointments in a couple of weeks. Yes, my parents and I all see not only the same dentist, but the same hygienist, too.) But before I left work today, I stuck my head in Connie’s office to let her know about my appointment. “Because I know you’ll worry, I’m going to be late tomorrow because I have a dentist appointment.” And I know that she would have, at least until Melanie got to work and could tell her where I was. She’s very sweet that way.

On the blood work front, so far no news is being taken as good news. I never got a call with the results from the three-hour glucose test I had to take back when I was 15 weeks. And doing the math, I did my one-hour test on a Saturday and got the call on Tuesday, so it stands to reason that I would have gotten the results from a Friday test on Monday. And since all of my draws were done before 10:30, it seems that the lab should have gotten the levels run by the end of Friday, so even if the clinic was closed by the time they got the results, they should have had them by this afternoon. But who knows? They might call tomorrow. But in the meantime, I’m figuring everything was fine. After all, my fasting level was “perfect”.

Accreditation Update: My boss has actually volunteered to write some parts of our self-study! This is the same man who last cycle read one of my responses in the self-study and gave the highly useful critique of “I don’t think that’s what they’re looking for.” Admittedly, today he asked me to put together what we’ve written for some of these questions in the past and what we had that related to them on our pre-application for him. (Apparently my giving him a copy of the completed pre-application to use as a reference to go with his copy of the self-study questions was too much work.) But he really isn’t going to make me write the whole thing by myself between now and the time I go into labor. Now I just need to figure out when I’m supposed to take care of the rest of my job…


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