I Really Can Still Do Math in My Head

Between my Centering appointment last week and my dentist appointment this week, both of which fall during the same pay period, I knew I needed to pick up some extra time so that I wouldn’t have to use PTO for either appointment. And since I took both last Friday and this Friday off and tomorrow is a holiday, that gave me three fewer days on which to pick up that extra time. So I stayed late on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday last week and on Monday this week. And I knew that I hadn’t used all of that extra time by the end of work yesterday, but I figured that meant I could leave at 3 today instead of 3:30. And then I punched out for lunch. And I did the math in my head. And I knew I must have made a mistake somewhere because the math in my head told me that I only needed to work one more hour after I punched back in from lunch. That couldn’t possibly be right. So I opened a spreadsheet and did the math there, and the spreadsheet told me the same thing. Which still couldn’t possibly be right. So I worked the calculations a slightly different way. And I got the same answer as the first way. Which was the same answer that I came up with in my head. So not only do I still have the ability to do math in my head, I was able to leave work at 2:15 today.

My car was in the shop for a brake job, but Doug called to tell me it was finished around 10, so it didn’t matter what time I left work. And my mom was available to pick me up at 2:15, so she did, and I got my car back. I estimate that in the six years I’ve owned this car, I’ve maybe put $500 in repairs on it. The used car dealer I bought it from told me he thought I really would be happier with this car (which really was exactly the car I was looking for in the first place) because it had a good service record. He wasn’t kidding. Oil changes and gas. That’s about all the money I’ve spent on it other than a new battery a few years ago and new brakes today.

Oh, and speaking of my car and doing math in my head, I only have two more payments and then my car is all mine. And I did the math in my head – a month of diaper service is slightly less than a car payment. I know where the money to pay for diaper service can come from! Of course, if you were thinking of giving me a week or two of diaper service as a shower gift, please still do. I will happily take those gifted weeks, too!

The bump did give me a bit of a… well, I’m not sure what word to use. Scare and panic are both too extreme. It was just that as I was getting ready to leave work, I realized that I hadn’t felt it move since lunch. I should add that it was one of our coordinator’s last day, so lunch included a piece of cake. That usually gets the bump to dance around a bit. And I didn’t remember that it had. So, yes, I was pleading with it to move. But I think it was really being the stinker that I’ve discovered it is. It knew we were going to see Nonna soon, so it waited until Nonna had dropped us off at the shop and we were in my car driving home. It’s been stretching and kicking pretty consistently since then. Making up for lost time, I figure.

And finally, my small American woman who comes once a week came and cleaned the flat today. She is neither a small Austrian woman nor a large Austrian woman, but she’s pretty awesome. She even folded the toilet paper in a point. I know that some people have heard about how my mom has told me that I need to let her come and clean and think that she is a “really good mom” for doing this. Please don’t say that. She doesn’t think it’s something that a “really good mom” does. (Don’t get me wrong. My mom is awesome. I am incredibly appreciative. She is really and truly a really good mom.) She wants to make it known that this is family. Part of being a family is taking care of each other. She knows that I don’t have someone to pick up the slack, and she lives close enough to help out, so she is. If I were one of my cousins and not her daughter, she would do the same thing. Because that’s what family does. So, yes, she is a really good mom, but she’s feeling overly praised for something she thinks is ordinary.

And if you don’t get my Austrian woman references, you really need to see the movie Hopscotch. One of my favorite exchanges from it takes place in Salzburg. Walter Matthau says, “Nice place. Do you have any help?” Glenda Jackson replies, “One small Austrian woman three times a week and one large Austrian woman four times a week.” My mom told me that she’s neither of those things, but one small American woman once a week is still pretty darn good, especially since it means I don’t have to smell the cleaning products.

P.S. I must be in the clear for gestational diabetes because there is no way they would have waited this long to call with my results if my glucose had been high last Friday.

P.P.S. My boss really is going to write some sections of the self-study. I put together a calendar with each of our writing goals for this month. He not only loved the schedule but asked if he’d be able to see it on his phone. My boss is not tech savvy. He’s had an iPhone for maybe two months. He’s in love with it. He can’t believe all of the things it can do. He can check his email on it. He keeps raving to me about how fabulous it is and how easy it is to use. Which is good because I’m the person he comes to when he can’t figure out how to make his computer work.



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2 responses to “I Really Can Still Do Math in My Head

  1. Maria

    When you use a diaper service do they provide the diapers to start with, or just launder yours and return them? Because picking out cute diapers seems to be the biggest perk of cloth diapering

    • They provide everything – diapers, diaper covers, diaper pail, pail liners, pail deodorizer. There are some stylistic choices I can make – what type of cover and what type of closure, for example. But otherwise, they take care of it all. Doesn’t matter how big of a mess the diaper is when it comes off, it just goes straight into the pail. And once a week, they take the dirty diapers away and leave clean replacements.

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