Monday, Monday

Well, I’m back down to two bras, and it’s all Dorcas’s fault. She’s been growing increasingly unhappy with one of my three fabulous $10 Mastec finds. The only good news about this is that I purchased two tan bras and one white one, and the one Dorcas is growing out of is the white one. So at least I still have the two tan ones. But this also means the quest once again begins for a nursing bra that will accommodate the girls without costing an arm and a leg. ‘Cause I really don’t see the point in purchasing another regular-ol’ bra when I’m already 30 weeks along. (Sorry, Bronson. I know your policy is that you won’t fit anyone less than 34 weeks. Not that I planned on giving you my money anyway.)

But in good news, I had a lovely four-day weekend. And it’s really good that I took Friday off because my mom and I spent many hours sorting through the last of the boxes. Some things found homes. Some things went into my storage unit. And, yes, some things went into my parents’ basement. That last location was offered by my mom. Just thought I should make it clear that I didn’t ask for things to be stored there.

And that afternoon, my dad brought the crib over and assembled it. I still have a few things to deal with before it is really the nursery and not still a sorting zone, but it’s shaping up nicely.

Good thing, too, because I bought a chair today. At the moment, the rocking chair is in the living room. I’ve been looking for an armchair for that space, but the rocker has been filling in in the meanwhile. Well, after 11 on Wednesday, my new chair will be available for me (read my dad) to pick up. And, yes, my daddy did say he’d rather just go and pick it up without me so that he doesn’t have to wait until I’m done with Centering at 5. So by the time I get home on Wednesday, my new chair will have taken up residence in my living room. (I told him I’d move the rocking chair to the nursery.)

So things are finally coming together. I still feel like I’ve been way too busy, and unfortunately, there’s little sign of that abating any time soon. But at least the list of things that need to be done isn’t quite so overwhelming.



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2 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. Maria

    I can’t believe you’re already 3/4 of the way done growing a baby! I really wish I lived closer because I’m an awesome aunt.

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