Things Happen for a Reason

So, you remember the debacle back in February when I tried to see my GP and was told that he was no longer my GP until he found out that I’d been told he was no longer my GP with the ultimate result that I got to see my GP? Turns out that it’s probably a good thing that that happened. I’ve been hoping that I’d be able to have the bump added as one of his patients once it’s born. But because of the debacle (or was it a kerfuffle?) back in February, I decided to start at the top. I left a message for the practice manager today to find out if they’d be able to take my baby on as a new patient. She called back to say that the only new patients they are currently taking are newborns of current patients. In other words, yes. And she was really glad that I called to verify. (Apparently they keep having people wait until they deliver, all the while assuming that they’ll be able to get into the practice.)

So the bump officially has a GP, and it’s the same one that I have. Family tradition continues. And I mean family tradition. The number of Banners this doctor treats… Well, I’d be curious to see just how many shelves our paper files take up!

Next up: Securing day care for after the fourth trimester.


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