Daddy-Daughter Day

Before we get too far, I want to start by saying that it’s 5am as I start writing this. On a Sunday morning. I’m awake way too early. Wide awake. How wide awake? I put laundry in the wash ten minutes ago. And that entails putting on clothes because the laundry, while in my building, is not in my specific unit. It’s downstairs. Of course, this does mean my laundry will be done before 7. I foresee at least one nap today.

Yesterday, my daddy and I spent the morning (okay, into the afternoon since it took us past noon) decorating the nursery. There was a valance to be hung. My folding table needed to be moved to the storage unit since I definitely won’t be using that room as an office. (Since I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get pregnant when I moved in, the room had the potential to become either my office/library/craft room or the baby’s room. Baby for the win!) There was one framed drawing for that room, not to mention some artwork to be hung in other rooms while we were at it. And there were wall decals to be hung. Oh, were there wall decals to be hung!

I really wanted to avoid dealing with nail holes in this apartment, so I’ve been hanging my art using those Velcro-like removable sticky things. I would like to disclose that I am in no way affiliated with 3M who makes this “Command Strips”. They are awesome. Some of the coolest ones they make are effectively nails, so if you have pictures in frames with hanging wires, you can hang them on nails without actually putting nails in your walls. I just wish I’d thought to look for something like this at my old apartment. And since they also make decorative hooks, we could hang the curtain rod for the valance without mounting any hardware in the wall. And it works. It really doesn’t seem like it should. The fact that you can cleanly remove them from the wall but they are rated to hold three pounds (or more depending on the exact item)… It just doesn’t seem possible. Now I just need to get frames for my souvenir watercolors so that I can hang them, too!

But really, the fun came when we were hanging the decals. If you haven’t seen these as a decorating option yet, you should check them out. They’re vinyl decals that are easily positioned and repositioned, and the finished product makes it look like you spent hours fancily painting the room. I found a whimsical set consisting of branches, leaves, flowers, butterflies, a plump bird, a squirrel, and the decal that sealed the deal, a hedgehog. I already had an idea of where I wanted some of them to go. The hedgehog, for example, is “standing” on the dresser. The longest branch swoops over the crib. Another branch curls beside the door. But pretty much everything else we made up as we went along. Yes, we might have had a little too much fun deciding how to place all of the decals. And the best part is that they can be changed. I decide I don’t like where we put that flower? I can move it. The furniture gets rearranged? No problem. The decals can be moved, too.

So while there are still a few things to be dealt with before the bump’s room is really the bump’s and not still holding some of momma’s things, it’s coming together. It’s looking like a nursery.

And none of this feels real. I’m 35 weeks pregnant, but I still can’t believe this is really happening. I can sit and watch my belly move as the bump twists and stretches, but it still doesn’t seem possible that in a little over a month, a brand new person will take up residence with me. I know I’ll get over that. I know that I’ll be ready to stop being pregnant. But not yet.


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  1. Anne

    How exciting! I bet the nursery is adorable

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