I Was Going to Write This Yesterday, But I Opted for Laziness Instead

Really. I had full intentions to write this yesterday. Actually, I was going to write on Saturday. But I didn’t. And for not reason other than I simply didn’t feel like it. So if you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the next post, I apologize. A little. ‘Cause I’m from the Midwest, and we’re polite like that.

The original title of this post, had it been written yesterday or Saturday, was to have been something along the lines of “A Very Busy Week”. It was very busy. Mostly with good, but good busy and bad busy both mean busy. Just like good stress is still stress. And that’s why I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything yesterday. Or Saturday.

Monday – Work, followed by Breastfeeding Class from 6:30 to 9… in Portage. Way south in Portage. (Again, I’m a Midwesterner, so I apologize to my friends from Portage. But only a little. Because those of us from the northern side of Kalamazoo think Portage is really far away. I mean, it’s a 20 minute drive! I could get to Plainwell Ice Cream that fast. And, no offense, I’d much rather spend 20 minutes driving to get to Plainwell Ice Cream. And to my friends in Chicago or Rome, yeah, when I’m there, I totally think of 20 minutes as being close. But not when I’m in Kalamazoo.) Fortunately, my mom wanted to go, so she picked me up. It was not, however, the best of morning sickness days. Dinner decided not to sit well and the Unisom was taking its sweet ol’ time kicking in. I’m now down to three Zofran. We’ll see if I need to get the prescription refilled again while I’m still pregnant…

Tuesday – Work, followed by Centering from 3 to 5, followed by Meet the Midwife from 5 to 6. At Centering, my blood pressure was a little high. It was a little high in exactly the same manner it was a little high four years ago. What was I doing four years ago? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? If you guessed “accreditation”, you are correct! Only time in my life I ever had high blood pressure was four years ago. Only four years ago, I wasn’t pregnant. And remember how Lydia said everything on my ultrasound looked good? Well, Lori couldn’t see it at my last Centering appointment because her laptop had died. And Lori? Well, she said that my amniotic fluid level was acceptable, but it was at the low end of the range, so she thought we should check it again. And the size of the baby was okay, but it was small (hello! look at the baby’s mother!), so she thought we should check its growth. So I needed to schedule another ultrasound. Ideally before the appointment I had scheduled with her for Thursday. All I have to say is that it’s a good thing I’d already filled out the mental health check sheet. Are you feeling stressed? Well, NOW I am! My parents both came to Meet the Midwife so that they could, well, meet the midwives who might be attending while I’m in labor. They’re a pretty good group, and it was a surprisingly fast hour. It was nice to at least have faces to go with some of the names I’ve heard. They weren’t all available, so I still might not have met the person who will be there when I finally deliver, but at least I know more of them now than I did before.

Wednesday – Work. That’s right, I had nothing other than work on Wednesday. And it was lovely. And I thought about writing about Monday and Tuesday, but I opted to go and stick my feet in the pool instead. And it was lovely. Just me and a book and a pool.

Thursday – Work, followed ultrasound, followed by midwife appointment, followed by some offsite work, followed by family/Lizzie dinner. The Borgess Women’s Health ultrasound tech was off on Thursday, so I had to go to radiology. (Okay, it was either that or an 8am appointment at the Portage office, which was not an option as it required driving to Portage. And I really needed to go to the office for at least a few hours.) But the tech I had at radiology was amazing. She asked how I was doing, and I honestly answered that I was nervous. I explained that it wasn’t the procedure itself, but the fact that this was a follow-up to a follow-up that had initially been deemed to be fine. She talked about everything she was measuring and why. She told me that she couldn’t tell me if my fluid level would be considered fine by the midwife, but that it was within the normal range. So by the time I got up to my midwife appointment, I already knew that the ultrasound should be pretty acceptable. (The bump weighed in at 6lbs-1oz, plus or minus a pound.) While waiting for the midwife appointment, my mom and I met a woman who took one look at me and announced that I’m having a girl. And the midwife appointment itself went great. My blood pressure was nice and normal, and Lori was so pleased by the ultrasound that she didn’t even do a pelvic exam. She said she didn’t see any point in aggravating things if I wasn’t having an cramping or spotting. In fact, she was so pleased, she said not to bother scheduling an appointment for this week, and that she’d see me at our next Centering appointment on September 4. Work will be busy enough this week that I’m not complaining. Since it was Thursday and I was already going to my parents’ for dinner, we decided not to have a family dinner on Friday. It was great to see Lizzie, whom I haven’t seen in ages. Like before I was pregnant. She said I looked much better than the last time I saw her. I told her that I wasn’t going through the stress of fertility treatments anymore, which helps a lot. And since I haven’t seen Lizzie in ages, I stayed way longer than I intended to. It was good, but it did keep me up later than normal. But that was nothing compared to how late I stayed up on Friday…

Friday – Work, followed by a meeting of my corps d’accouchement. I thought about writing in between work and Heather and Nicki coming over, but I decided that, at this stage, I might as well wait until after I had Friday’s story to tell to bother writing a post. We met around 8. And we talked about the birth plan. And who to call when. And a lot of other random things while we were at it. We foresee the potential for my labor and delivery room to be quite amusing. And they finally got ready to leave around 11. And around then, Brad, Nicki’s husband, texted to find out what was taking so long. Naturally, she texted back that I was in labor. And then we were talking, so she wasn’t texting fast enough to tell him that she was joking and was getting ready to leave, so he, at least briefly, thought that she was serious. Which gives you an idea of how the three of us are together. I feel really comfortable that they will help me keep my sanity. And I trust Nicki to be able to cajole me in just the right way to do things like get out of the tub when I need to even if the hot water feels soooo good. And it was at least 11:30 by the time I got to bed.

So you can understand why I didn’t really feel like writing on Saturday or Sunday. It was a very busy week. Again, it was full of good things. But I was glad to just be home this weekend. And tomorrow? Tomorrow I’ll be 38 weeks along. Accreditation is shaping up. Here’s hoping the bump keeps cooking long enough for Dr Z and I to be comfortable with where we are before I go on leave.


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