Ten Years

This Labor Day just so happens to be my tenth anniversary. I’m not sure how it happened, but I’ve worked at the same place for ten years as of today. Not the same job. Trust me. I was brushing up my resume after four years. But then Anne decided to move to Texas and gave me an awesome birthday present – her job! (Okay, so she didn’t really have any say in me being hired for her position, but still, she knew I was done putting up with the other of my two bosses. Her job let me keep the good boss and get a promotion.) And that’s the job that I have today, and the one that I plan on keeping. I’ve even told Dr Z that he’s not allowed to retire because then I might have to find a new job. Fortunately, he has no plans to go anywhere, or at least that’s what he tells me.

I’ve spent this anniversary doing very little. I did a lot of knitting. Socks, for me. I do have a sweater on the needles for the bump, but it’s an 18-month and has gotten tedious. Mindless, but tedious. The socks, on the other hand, have made it through the ribbing into the fun design I’ve come up with for the leg. I’d say more, but I have a surprise in mind for the leftover yarn, and that surprise will be going to someone who probably reads this blog. We’ll just say that I am working on a bit of a deadline.

The traditional (or such as it has become) Labor Day events were done yesterday. Well, that and a little bit more. I realized that I really don’t have many good nursing tops for when I go back to work. My mom took this as a challenge and found some patterns online for how to fashion a camisole into a nursing tank. And camis happened to be on sale at Old Navy. She’d proposed we go shopping today. I suggested we do it on Sunday. Since we also wanted to look for diaper covers and some diaper pins, we wanted to stop at Babies ‘R’ Us, too. Well, being pretty pregnant these days, when we got to Babies ‘R’ Us, I headed for the bathroom. In the length of time it took me to do that, my mom had already found everything we were looking for. Nothing fancy here. We’re talking cheap, old-fashioned, plastic pants. Exactly the type of diaper cover I was looking for. Less than 20 minutes and $20 later, we were on our way to Old Navy. Tried on one cami just to check the size, went back to decide on the colors. And, well, we’ll just say it was a repeat of the first stop. We were back to my parents’ house in an hour.

My Aunt Ret had come down for the weekend. As we were waiting for supper to go onto the grill, she sat down next to me on the sofa and looked over with puppy dog eyes. “What’s the bump up to?” she asked plaintively. I had to tell her that it wasn’t doing much of anything at the moment. But she still got to feel the belly even though the bump wasn’t moving.

In the bump’s defense, it did move while I was at my parents’ yesterday. It even gave my mom’s hand a reasonable kick. It just behaved in its usual fashion and opted not to move much when other people were paying attention.

And that’s been the Labor Day weekend. Nice, quiet, almost like a real vacation. Now the bump and I just have to make it through this week so that we can get accreditation pretty squared away. Then we can start thinking about the other type of labor.


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  1. Anne

    Ten years, it doesn’t seem like it, but yet it does. That’s funny, I told Dr Z the same thing, he could retire from SWMES but not CME! I recall there was one other person who applied, internally, for the Coordinator position. I remember because they misspelled “coordinator” on the transfer application. Even if they managed to spell it correctly, there was no point in interviewing anyone else for the job since you were the perfect fit 🙂 I still use and LOVE the meditation shawl you knitted for me as a farewell gift.

    Wishing you a smooth delivery, and hoping the bump will keep with Mama’s schedule 🙂

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