Sorry About That

I know. You got all excited about mucus plugs and bloody shows. But I’m still pregnant. Every day this week, my boss has gotten to work, walked into my office, given me a disappointed look, and said, “You’re here.” (Today I told a colleague about this; she proposes it’s because the sooner I go on leave, the sooner I’ll be back from it. He just wants to get my being gone over with.)

Today when he came into my office, he asked how my appointment went. I told him that it was today. But I’ll get to that shortly.

One of the great things about the Affordable Care Act is that breast pumps are now covered by insurance. So today, I called BCBS to find out exactly what type of pump is covered and what I need to do to get one. I spoke with a charming rep. They’ll cover 100% of a dual, hospital-grade, electric pump, purchased from a durable medical supply company, prescription required. Oh, and one more thing. She’d heard from other patients in my area that there was a shortage of breast pumps. Like a five-month backlog. So I may want to start looking soon.

Needless to say, I immediately pulled up the list of durable medical supply companies in my area and started calling to find one who A) actually carries breast pumps and B) has them available. Honestly, once I found one, I stopped calling around. Yes, Access Medical’s preferred Medela breast pumps have been on back order. Since February. But they’ve done a lot of research and have found Ameda to be a comparable pump, and it meets all of BCBS’s requirements. They have three in stock right now. And, no, they haven’t had any insurance issues with women purchasing the pump before the baby is born. I added getting a prescription to my list for today’s appointment with Lori.

Since I’ve been in early labor all week, my mom and I decided it might be a good idea for us to meet at my apartment and her to drive. You know, just in case I got sent straight from the clinic to labor & delivery. Not that we were really expecting that to happen. We were just keeping our fingers crossed that I was dilated to one.

Well… I’m dilated to one… and two… and three… and four. Lori said she thought it was closer to 4.5, but she marked it as four. I’ll repeat that for you. I’m dilated to 4. And I’m effaced to about 70%. And she was really pleased to hear that I’d lost the mucus plug without any interference. And she’d really like this baby to hold on until Tuesday so that she can deliver it, but she’s pretty sure that by the end of the weekend, I’ll have a baby.

So I’ve had three due dates over the course of this pregnancy. Due date #1, based on my period, is tomorrow. Due date #2, based on my 7-week-thank-god-there’s-only-one ultrasound, is today. Due date #3, based on my 9-week-discharged-from-the-fertility-clinic ultrasound, was Tuesday. Looks like this baby is coming almost as on-time as one can expect.

And right now? I’m pretty crampy right now. Lori kind of swept away the remaining membranes while she was in there. It does make it hard to tell what’s just cramping and what’s a contraction. But I’ll take my doula’s advice. Go to bed and wait for the contractions to wake me up. But I am thinking a hot shower is called for first. And maybe a little something resembling dinner.

And all I can keep thinking now is that this is real. This is suddenly real. I’m actually going to have a baby!


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  1. Andrea A.

    I absolutely love that you have a doula. I would have totally recommended that. You know that I did that for a few years?? It is going to be invaluable! One thing I always said to doula clients is that being very dilated before active labor starts doesn’t tell you WHEN labor is going to start (you could walk around at 4 for two weeks), but it does make a fast labor more likely. How exciting, Beth!

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