October 14, 2013

Last night I slept better than I have in a really long time. I know being back in my own bed and being able to see Sofia sitting on my dresser helped. Having my mom be there helped, too. I know this routine is going to have to end, and the break from it Saturday night was waaaay too much. So whether it was sheer exhaustion or simply comfort, I think I slept almost six hours straight last night. Honestly, I think it’s been since February that I’ve slept like that. Needless to say, I feel much better today than I felt yesterday.

I’m having lunch with Nicki today. We have some things to swap, and since she couldn’t make it to the cabaret on Saturday, we decided to do lunch today. And since it’s sunny, and I slept pretty well, I did something I haven’t done in more than a month. I drove. My car still starts (whew!). And it still seems to be running just fine (double whew!). And it really needs to be washed. (Of course, it really needed to be washed the last time I drove it… Maybe we should take my car the next time we go to Meijer. I still have three or four washes on my card for a carwash that’s near there.)

This also means that I had NPR on for the first time in, well, about a month. It’s pledge season. And as I was driving out of the complex, Peter Sagal came on and told me that Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is coming to Miller Auditorium in March. And we members will get to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. I squealed when I heard this. I squealed out loud. I squealed and wanted to pull out my phone to call my mom (who was a traffic light behind me) to tell her. Yes, we were both driving to her house. I was going to see her in ten minutes. I restrained myself and waited. (Plus I really try not to use my phone, other than as a GPS, when I’m driving. And I’m successful at least 95% of the time.) Yes, I’m just a little excited about this.


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