Six Impossible Things

October 15, 2013

I confess that I’ve never made it all the way through either Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. This is not to say that I don’t know all of each book. I’ve just never read either of them cover to cover. Perhaps I should try rereading them in proper bedtime story fashion. A little at a time.

I bring this up because of the White Queen. In their conversation, Alice says that one can’t believe impossible things. The White Queen retorts that that is quite untrue. She can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. My mom has announced that we are doing the White Queen one better. We actually do six impossible things before breakfast.

  1. We wake up.
  2. We get out of bed.
  3. We get dressed.
  4. We brush our teeth.
  5. We open the blinds.
  6. We leave my apartment.

They seem quite mundane when listed. But there are some days that they are more impossible than others. Number 2 is particularly hard most days.

But that’s how each day goes. Each day is made up of a series of little impossible things. But we keep moving across the chessboard. One impossible thing at a time.


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