I’m Not Making This Up You Know

October 16, 2013

So yesterday this happened. I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “Beth, that was posted on YouTube two years ago!” And yes, yes it was. But do you see all of those hits? Yes, yesterday, Baxter the Baby Dog went viral. And, yes, I hear the other thing that you’re saying. You’re saying, “Beth, you don’t have a dog.” And you’re right. That’s not my dog. I’ve never, in fact, met Baxter. But…

Remember my last glucose tolerance test? The last three-hour one? Where my mom and I bonded with another woman who was also there for a three-hour glucose tolerance test? And the three of us wound up singing Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet in the waiting room? Remember that? Well, we, of course, ran into Sheri at the farmer’s market. And, of course, I saw her at the clinic. And we finally got around to friending each other on Facebook after a month of saying we really needed to do that.

Baxter the Baby Dog? That would be Sheri’s dog. And yesterday was spent with repeatedly checking Facebook to see the latest. How many hits is he up to? Oh, look! People are tweeting about him now. Oh, hey! The local news just called. It was a textbook definition of “diversion”. Mindless. Fun. Just a wee bit insane. And good.

P.S. For you guitar enthusiasts out there, now that you’ve met Baxter the Baby Dog, you should go buy his owner’s book:

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