Where No Girl Has Gone Before

October 18, 2013

Madge and Dorcas have done something new, something they have never done before. You remember how I said I was back down to my pre-pregnancy bra size? Well, it turns out I was wrong. I went to put on one of my 32G bras. And it was too big. That’s right. Madge and Dorcas have shrunk. They are now smaller than they were before I got pregnant. The indignity of it!

And this is really annoying because it means that a) I had to go bra shopping and b) my really expensive bras no longer fit. I love my really expensive bras. I love the store from whence they came. Unfortunately, I cannot easily get to the store from whence they came. I would like Bravissimo to branch out from the UK and open a store in Chicago, but that hasn’t happened. (I highly recommend reading their instructions on how to properly fit a bra. No tape measure required. But a friend is useful because they can see how the band fits across your back.)

Now, you know how clothing sizes go. Item-to-item, sizes vary. And, of course, country-to-country, they vary even more. I’d heard that American bra sizes differed from British ones, but having found bras at Mastec made it hard for me to tell what I should be looking for here. After all, if Madge and Dorcas have shrunk, the possibility that I could find bras at Kohl’s has grown. I did find a site that had a bra size converter. If I’m no longer a G, than I must be an F, but those are British sizes. And the converter I found said a DDD might fit. And after trying on several bras, I found one DDD style that did, indeed, fit. (We’ll be making a few alterations, though, because the smallest band we could find was a 36, and I really do need a 32. And if you’re confused by any of this, again, please go read Bravissimo’s fitting instructions!)

But the really good news on the expensive bra front is that I bought two different styles at Bravissimo. This morning, I put on the other style. And it fits perfectly. That bra? It’s a 32GG.

Go figure.



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2 responses to “Where No Girl Has Gone Before

  1. Maria

    I had luck finding 32DDD at Nordstrom Rack, it’s the only “cheap” store I’ve ever seen them.

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