A Conspiracy

October 19, 2013

One of the biggest arguments used to discount conspiracy theories is the number of people involved. You see, there’s just no way that the large groups credited in most conspiracy theories could keep the secret. Well, it’s a good thing that my friends have no ill intentions because they all have kept mum the past month.

Yesterday, Terri wanted to stop by. She had something for us. We figured it had to be some candy corn M&Ms. Thanks to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, we have learned about Candy Corn Oreos. I am intrigued by this, but I do not want a whole package worth. Terri claims that she loves these limited edition Oreos. She even brought four (two for me, two for my dad, none for my mom as they aren’t gluten free) the last time she met my mom for coffee. Or she thought she did. They were really just Oreos annual Halloween edition, the ones with orange colored cream. Anyway, I’ve seen the candy corn M&Ms at Meijer, and again I am intrigued by them. But I don’t want a whole bag. I just want a few so that I can taste them. (Don’t worry, Peanut M&M. You’ll always be my favorite.) So we figured that’s what Terri wanted to drop off.

We were wrong.

We were really, really wrong.

She came in carrying three plastic shopping bags. There was one for my dad, one for my mom, and one for me.

My dad’s bag held a prayer shawl and a scarf.


My mom’s held a prayer shawl.


As did mine.


My mom and I each also had a small photo album filled with three-by-five cards and yarn snippets. The cards were signed by each person who sent yarn to be knit into our shawls and the scarf for my dad. Yarn came from people who cannot keep a secret to save their lives, yet these people were so silent on this subject that we had no inkling. Honestly, the only clue that we can see in hindsight is that Terri was making very slow progress on a sweater she’s currently knitting; she and Susan were busy knitting for us. (For the record, I cannot see any gauge differences between where Terri knit and where Susan did. I know most of you don’t care, but I can guarantee you that the two of them do.)

We were are overwhelmed. I don’t know that the right words exist to express how touched we are. But I think Terri summed it up best. It was something our friends could do.

P.S. I will be going back to work soon. Those of you with your heart set on cooking, be ready for the call!


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