It Doesn’t Add Up. Literally.

October 20, 2013

Yesterday’s big afternoon outing was to the Parchment library’s 50th anniversary party. There was cake (which was nearly gone 40 minutes into the three-hour affair); I did not partake, but I hear it was good. There was a jazz duo. And there were pictures. I went for the pictures.

The jazz was wonderful. Smooth. Surprisingly loud. Okay, that last trait was probably due to the architecture. They were playing underneath the skylight in the center of the building. Under a very high ceiling.

The pictures are brilliant. I say “are” because they are to be a permanent installation. And they aren’t specific to the history of the library. Instead they’re pictures showing the history of the city. (Yes, Parchment is a city. Technically.) Most of the pictures are older than the library.

And they’d printed out one-page handouts. One side showed the pictures along with descriptions. The other gave a history of the city and the library. Apparently, the library started in 1960. That’s right. 1960. Let me repeat that once more. 1960. Are you confused? Because I am. And so is my dad. And he’s been on the library board for years. Decades, actually. We’re not sure if it’s a typo or if something happened in 1963 that made the library official that they forgot to mention in the paragraph on the library’s history. But either way, the date 1963 doesn’t appear anywhere in that paragraph. It pretty much skips form 1960 to when we moved into the current building in 1989. (I say “we” on purpose. I was among the hands who helped pack up the books from the old location and then unpack them at the new, current, permanent location.)

And it was okay. I talked to a couple of people with whom I felt comfortable. And then I disappeared into the stacks. I wasn’t going to check out any books… After all, I’ve only read one of the two books that Lisa sent me. But I was hiding in the stacks… And there are books in the stacks… So I checked out four of them. And read 100 pages before bedtime.

P.S. I commented to the president of the board (aka my dad) about the lack of a library history on the library’s website. I suggested that should be rectified. We’ll see how long it takes for that to happen.


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