I’m Not Going Anywhere

October 24, 2013

Few things are more annoying than having to find a new medical practice. I think this is the case whether you like your current provider or not. The chances of it going as swimmingly as it did when I found a new optometrist are slim. But, you know what? I don’t have to find a new OB/GYN practice (again).

I know some people complain about having to wait to see their provider. But I try not to. Yes, having to wait for a nurse visit bothers me. Nurse visits are a quick in-and-out. But to see the doctor, midwife, PA… I’m okay with waiting. I know that my provider will spend as much time with me as I need. And if I’m waiting, that’s simply because they are doing the same thing for another patient. As long as I get the time I need with my provider, however short or long that time may be, I don’t mind waiting while another patient receives the same care. And today I was that patient who was making everyone else wait. (But Lori was also running late by the time she saw me, so it wasn’t all my fault.)

Physically I’m doing well. My stitches are all healed and dissolved. No bits still hanging on. My blood pressure was back down to its normal, lovely, low state. I’m approved to ease back into exercise as tolerated. Emotionally, well, I’m still pretty raw. And she was ready to write up that I needed additional leave today. (I told her that I’d like to see how going back to work goes before we do that.) But Rose Kennedy said that the pain will eventually scar, and if Rose Kennedy could survive, then so can I.

And if I decide to try again, one of the OB/GYNs in the practice is ready to knock me up. Clearly, a consult will be necessary before that because I don’t know how this works outside of a fertility clinic. I mean, I know the insemination procedure will be the same, but the rest of it… It’s still too soon to say. We’ll talk about that at my next annual.

So, yeah, I’m not going anywhere. I have midwives I’m comfortable with who are ready to support me with whatever I decide and an OB/GYN who’s ready to help. Thank god. I really didn’t want to have to find a new practice.

P.S. Amusing moment from today’s appointment with Lori: I was telling her about feeling guilty and knowing that I shouldn’t feel guilty and therefore feeling guilty about feeling guilty. “You’re Catholic, aren’t you,” she observed. (Wait, you might have read that wrong. Reread it as a statement, not a question.) “How could you tell?” I replied wryly. She rolled her eyes in response. And, yes, I’ve been feeling guilty because I feel guilty about things that I know I should feel guilty about. A pretty Catholic response if you ask me!


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