Houston, We’re Cleared for Take Off

October 26, 2013

I’m officially cleared to “exercise as tolerated”. And since my mother has proclaimed me to be a Queen of the Video Workout (mainly because I own a vast swath of DVDs by The Firm), she wanted to try one this morning. I picked out one of the dance workouts, and we did a 25-minute express workout this morning. And it felt pretty good. And I’m pretty sure I’ll feel it tomorrow. (Okay, I kind of feel it already.)

So to get back into the swing of being not pregnant, I recorded my weight and measurements today. I’ll do all of that again in six weeks. I’m ignoring the fact that six weeks from now will be December. Seventh. So, not just December, but a week into the month. Yeah… At any rate, if I do decide to try this all again, I’ll be a better weight than I was when I got pregnant with Sofia.

Today’s big event was going to the farmers’ market. It was the last Saturday market of the summer. We’re going to try to make it to the winter market more frequently, but my mom and I both were in need of squash, so we did go to the market today. And like everything else, I survived. I know the first one in the spring will be hard, too. There will be vendors who knew I was pregnant. But at least I’ve been in the space already. Another “first” done. I’ve got to be running out of them.


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