Back at Bell’s

October 27, 2013

I said I’ve got to be running out of firsts, but there was another one today. First knitting group. And for the first time in ages, pretty much everybody was there. We’d snagged a big table at Bell’s when there were only four of us, but we quickly filled in. And we may have a new member. Another first. In this case, the first of the male persuasion. He asked if we were an open group, and while he was there with other people today, he plans to find us on Facebook. From this brief conversation, general consensus was that he will fit right in. Yes, about five sentences were exchanged. What can I tell you? He had the right vibe.

And unlike the first day of work, this was good. There was food and conversation. And knitting, of course. And while I never really forget, I could still kind of forget. I don’t really know how to describe it. The sorrow could sit beside me instead of within me. It still spends a lot of time within me, but today, at knitting, it had moved to the chair next to me, and I could feel happy and laugh at things that have always made me feel happy and laugh.

I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow. I’m hoping to be at least a tad more productive than I was on Friday. But I’m also thinking the door will remain closed. And the bathroom will still be too far away. And the printer will be in the worst possible location – not in my office. Okay, it’s a shared printer. Having it in my office would be pretty bad, too. I want a printer that’s all mine so that I don’t have to step outside the closed door when I print things. And I’m probably going to have to print some things tomorrow. Which means opening my door. I don’t want to.

But at least today was uplifting. Pleasure before pain.


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