Is It Only Tuesday?

October 29, 2013

I can’t say that my productivity has increased, but at least the clock hasn’t stopped like it did on Friday. Still, I can’t believe this is only Tuesday. That I still have three more days to work this week. If I’m a good girl tomorrow, I’ll actually go through everything to make a list. At the very least. We’ll see if that happens.

Today’s shining moment is that I actually answered the phone. But I confess that it was similar to when IT called me on Friday. I saw the caller ID and recognized the number. And the reason I recognized the number is that it was on my voice mail notes right in front of the phone. As in this person left me voice mail yesterday. And I hadn’t called her back yet. And the good news is that I did know which activity she was calling about. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to put my hands on her application. I’m hoping Dr Z has it. But he was at a retreat today, so he wasn’t available for me to ask him.

And I didn’t have my door closed all the way. Just mostly all the way. Until I clocked out for lunch. Then I just didn’t bother to open it again. Small steps. Maybe tomorrow I’ll open it after lunch.

P.S. Two circuit boards later, maintenance finally got my furnace working properly. It really was pretty funny listening to the two maintenance men trying to figure out exactly what needed to be replaced and making sure they connected the new circuit board correctly. So glad that I didn’t have to fix it myself!


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