November 11, 2013

At around three this afternoon, I looked out my office window and saw big fluffy snowflakes swirling around. As much as I’m hoping to get moved into the new med school building next June, I do love that my current office looks out onto the courtyard. When I look out, I don’t just see snow; I see a snow globe. It swirls as it falls, and it’s always the prettiest the courtyard ever looks. (Regarding the new building: We haven’t been told yet who is moving and who isn’t. All we know is that people will start moving in come June. I’d really like to move there, especially because it will remove all hills from my commute. And not having hills to negotiate in the winter would be lovely!)

Today was okay. I got some work done. I even called someone in response to an email. I did not, however, answer my phone. I’m not sure who it was who called. Twice. Without leaving a message. But at least they didn’t call, not leave a message, and then call back immediately. I really don’t understand callers like that. You got my voice mail. That means I couldn’t (or wouldn’t, in this case) answer the first time. What makes you think that calling back 15 seconds later is going to make me suddenly pick up? At any rate, I figure they really didn’t care about talking to me because otherwise they would have left a message.

In accreditation news, if I’m diligent, we should have everything ready to be shipped off this week. It should be ready to go at the beginning of next week at the latest. I will be glad to get that off my plate. Plus, we’ve got our survey/interview/whatever-they’re-calling-it-these-days scheduled, AND I’ve gotten reimbursed already. (The survey/interview/whatever-they’re-calling-it-these-days had to be scheduled via online registration and paid for by credit card at the time. So you can guess who handled the registration and payment!)

And I also scheduled my first mammogram today. Because I’m 35, and my maternal grandmother had breast cancer, and there’s a chance I might be pregnant again in a year which also means I might be nursing for a while thereafter, we decided I should go ahead and get a baseline mammogram now. And when I go in for that, I’ll go in a bit early for some blood work to check my cholesterol and thyroid and all of those fun baseline measures. Oh, the maturity!

And I know that you won’t see this until well after the day I’ve written, but it is Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. It may not have been the War to End All Wars that it was supposed to have been, but I do have faith that we can learn to live in peace.


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