This Club is Too Damn Big!

November 12, 2013

I really should learn not to open the cards that I get at work. I mean, I know they’ll make me cry. But I open them anyway. And then I cry. And then I tell myself that I knew better. <sigh> I never learn.

Today’s unexpected card came from a colleague at the State. She wrote that she waited to send me a card because she remembered how it felt like she was never going to stop crying. She wanted to wait until the wounds weren’t quite so raw. She, too, is in the stillbirth club. She included her personal email address and cell number should I need someone to talk to. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. I didn’t need to seek out a support group. My support group has reached out to me. I pray that I never need to, but I know that I will do the same to anyone I know who suffers a similar loss. I’ve even told one friend that I consider her my sponsor, like in AA. If I can someday provide someone else the same comfort she’s provided me… What can I say? It’s a mitzvah.

P.S. Proof that I have been keeping a low profile at work is that a lot of people are still welcoming me back. I ran into one such colleague in the bathroom today. Literally. I was opening the door to walk out as she was opening the door to walk in. She insisted on giving me a hug. I can still smell her perfume on me, and that was at least three hours ago. Gah!


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