Not So Novemberish

November 17, 2013

We are having decidedly un-Novemberish weather today. It’s 60 degrees. In November. Which, of course, means one thing. Tornado watch. I’m not at all surprised to be under a tornado watch. It’s not supposed to be 60 degrees in November.

This did lead to a change in routine. The past couple of Sundays, my parents have come for dinner, and my mom has stayed. Today, I went to their house for lunch, but because of the weather, my mom came over immediately thereafter. She’s currently working on her NaNo, and I’m taking a break from mine to write this. (I’ve already hit my minimum daily goal of 1667 words.)

I confess that I’m kind of glad that she’s here already. I’m not a fan of severe weather, and the storm is passing over as I write. Thus far the winds appear to be fairly straight-line, but that still means the trees are moving like crazy. Here’s hoping things die down soon and we see no tornados!


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