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November 18, 2013

After the unseasonable weather this weekend, things have returned to what November should be. It’s brisk and only quite breezy. (I should explain. When my niece – remember that she’s got a British accent – was about three, the window was cracked in the car as they were driving along. “It’s windy!” she complained. “It’s not windy,” she was told. “Oh. It’s quite breezy!” she said. Ever since, when there is wind of any sort, we’ve described it as “quite breezy.”)

At any rate, we survived the storm last night. My complex hardly got hit at all. There are even a few leaves left on the tree. My parents’ neighborhood, on the other hand, did not fare so well. Most of the neighborhood is without power, plus the power supply got torn from my parents’ house, so even when power is restored, they’ll still have to wait for their house to be reattached to the supply. Fortunately, they do have a generator, and it is working, so we don’t have to figure out how to fit everything in their fridge and freezers in mine. That also means I did not have company when I got home from work today. They won’t need to shower at my place. My dad, however, will have to seek out Wi-Fi hotspots until the cable is restored. There’s more than a week until Thanksgiving, so hopefully power (and internet) will be restored by then.


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