Apparently, It’s Going Around

November 27, 2013

Insomnia, that is.  The other morning, when I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep, I did what a lot of people do these days.  I checked Facebook.  And a friend had posted about watching 2 am show up, and then 3 am, and now 4 am…  I went to comment that I was right there with her.  And my mom had beaten me to the punch.  I did manage to fall back asleep.  Around 5.  You know.  45 minutes before my alarm goes off.  Woo.  Hoo.  And when I checked Facebook again?  A friend in Chicago (and therefore an hour behind time-zone wise) had posted about her inability to sleep.  And the comments on the first friend’s post were growing.

Yes.  I’m not the only one who couldn’t sleep.

But last night?  Last night, I found the cure.  If you stay up until 11 or 11:30, it’s much easier to sleep until 5:30.  Sure, it’s not 7 pm yet and I’m pretty tired, but at least I slept through the night.  Sort of.


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