November 29, 2013

After yesterday’s horrendously difficult Thanksgiving, I was thinking it would be difficult to write a “What’s Making Me Happy” post this week.  But I’ve managed to keep this tradition alive for two whole weeks now, so I hate to stop already.  (Plus it means I don’t have to come up with another topic to write about today.)

What’s Making Me Happy This Week:

  1. I have spent a few nights home alone.  All night.  And slept reasonably well, all things considered.  (But I’m also happy about my mom insisting that she was going to stay with me last night.  I didn’t have to ask.  I didn’t have to decide.  She announced.  I said okay.)
  2. My nieces are becoming knitters.  And since my SIL has picked her needles back up, they don’t forget everything in between visits with their nonna and zia.
  3. My parents’ Wii Fit.  We played on it for a while today.  And by “we” I mean my nieces, my mom, my brother, and me.  Not sure if my dad took a turn or not…  He might have when I was in the other room.
  4. Festivals of Lights.  We’re in the midst of Hanukkah right now.  Advent starts on Sunday.  It’s nearly the Winter Solstice.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll drag out the boxes and get ready to start decorating for Christmas.  (I’m not sure which box my Advent wreath is in, so I need to open all of them in order to light the first candle on Sunday.
  5. Bell’s Expedition Stout and my brother for buying a flight of Bell’s stouts so that I could taste them.  This is a huge deal.  I do not like beer.  I do not like it in a car.  I do not like it near or far.  I will not drink it here or there.  I will not drink it anywhere.  I do not like that drink called beer.  I do not like it, Sammy dear.  But stouts?  They don’t taste so much like beer.  (Okay, it’s probably hops that I really dislike, not beer in general.)  But I don’t like them enough to buy a pint without having sampled in advance.  And since I Don’t Like Beer, I never think about the fact I could get a sample before deciding to have them pour me a full pint.  Thanks, Matt, for buying a flight for you and Jane and letting me try a sip of each glass!
  6. This list.  I was so sad yesterday.  And looking at what I’ve come up with?  That’s making me happy.  The realization that the rest of this week has been okay is definitely making me happy right now.

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