Oh, the Maturity!

December 9, 2013

I’m feeling quite accomplished (and mature) today.  I got my blood drawn, got my boobs smooshed, got my annual poke-‘n’-prod scheduled, had a lovely brunch, and have the laundry in the washer.  And it’s not even noon!  (Okay, it’s 11:55.  It will probably be noon by the time I’m done writing this post.)

My trip to the lab this morning could not have gone better.  I received the reminder card about my annual sometime last week, and I figured that since I was going to be in the building anyway, I should just run into the clinic to make my appointment instead of calling.  But that all depended on whether or not I felt like doing that after both a blood draw and a mammogram.  My appointment was at 9:15.  I was asked to arrive by 9.  Since that was only for my mammogram, I planned to get there by 8:30 so that I could have my blood drawn first.  Despite the fact that it turned into proper winter overnight (and the snow just keeps falling – so pretty!), I left my place with plenty of time to pick up my mom and get to Borgess at 8:30.  (Yes, the roads are sloppy in some places and downright icy in others.)  At 8:45, the phlebotomist called me back for my blood draw.  As she was getting ready to tape the cotton ball onto my arm, the tech came to fetch me for my mammogram.  Yes, that would have made it around 8:50.  (Read up a few lines.  Yes, almost half-an-hour before my scheduled appointment.)

I was back to the waiting room by 9.  Well, no sense in not running upstairs to the clinic to schedule my annual.  So we did.  And since it was snowing, I’d parked in the structure, which meant walking all the way through the hospital to get back to the car.  Even with the running upstairs and running back downstairs and walking all the way through the hospital to get back to the car, we were in the car and driving out of the structure by 9:15.  You know, the time I was scheduled to have my mammogram.

And really, the only scary thing about the mammogram was when my mom and I did the math to figure out how old my grandmother was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was only 56.  We had both thought she was in her 60s, but we were wrong.  The relief to that is that my mom, although she did have to have a biopsy which turned out to be benign, is almost ten years older than that.  We’re pretty sure that my grandmother’s cancer was somehow related to her service during WWII.  So despite the fact that my grandmother was younger than we’d thought, I’m not really concerned about a family history of breast cancer.  This is just baseline so that there’s a record with which to compare future mammograms.

Well, I’m not quite telling the truth about there being only one scary thing.  I kind of had an actor’s nightmare about it last night.  Remember how I said I was repeatedly reminding myself not to put on deodorant?  Well, since it’s a Monday, and I didn’t want to get too off schedule, I turned on the alarm for this morning.  But I didn’t really worry about getting up when it went off.  And I must have fallen back asleep because the following didn’t really happen.  I looked over at my dresser and noticed that my deodorant wasn’t where it should be.  And when I realized I was holding it, I also realized I must have put on my deodorant in my sleep.  And I must have gotten pretty hot during the night, too, because I’d changed out of my fleece nightgown and into a t-shirt.  In my sleep.  And so I got out of bed because I was going to have to take a shower to wash off my deodorant.  And I took a peek through the blinds to see what the weather had done overnight, and there had been some sort of massive windstorm.  Cars had been blown all over the place in the parking lot.  I was relieved, however, to see that my carport had stayed standing, and my car was still safe and snug in its space.  By this time, things were seeming just a little too weird.  I mean, I had both sleep-changed-clothes AND sleep-put-on-deodorant.  So I pinched myself.  And that told me that I was really awake.  Right?  And then I woke up for real (again – I really did wake up when my alarm went off!).  And I was not holding my deodorant.  It was where it lives on my dresser.  And I was still wearing my fleece nightgown and was glad to be doing so.  It did not warm up overnight!

And now it’s about 12:15.  I’m home and doing laundry and watching the snow sift down.  Maybe I’ll get the ornaments on the tree this afternoon.  Or not.  One of those two things will happen.

P.S. I’m pretty sure I’ll have forgotten this by Friday’s What’s-Making-Me-Happy post.  Saw a license plate today that made me smile:  CESTLAV.


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