Here I Go Again

December 12, 2013

I said I’d let you know how last night went.  Well, it went ABBA-solutely fabulously!  A very big thank you to Don Winsor for giving us the comp tickets!  You were wonderful (as was the rest of the cast)!

So, that would be a “yes, we did indeed have seats at Mamma Mia! last night”.

Which leads me to another story.  (I’ll get back to Mamma Mia! in a minute.  I promise.)  Back when I was in college, Beauty and the Beast was playing in Chicago and starring a hometown actor, one Barbara Marineau, as Mrs. Potts.  (And on another side note, when I was in the first community theatre production of Beauty and the Beast, Barbara came to visit our cast – she did a lot of theatre in our area before going pro – and shared some behind the scenes secrets.  But I digress from my digression.)  My mom happened to be visiting while the show was still in previews, so we decided to go for a little El ride.  We figured we’d go to the theatre, stand in line for tickets, and then very likely wind up getting back on the El and home.  Instead, as we were standing in line for tickets, this woman asked if anyone was looking for tickets.  She had two extras for friends who weren’t going to be able to make it in from Iowa.  They were $70 tickets, but she’d take $20.  My mom and I snatched them up.  They were center, third row of the loge.  They were the sort of seats we would never have bought in any other circumstance.

Our tickets for last night?  Third row of the orchestra, about a third of the way from center stage.  (Did I say thank you to Don yet?  Are you sure?  Well, just in case… Thank you, Don!)  If we had bought tickets, we would have been in the cheap seats up at the back of the balcony.  We were prepared for those seats.  My mom had the opera glasses in her purse.  We decided we didn’t really need them.

It is an excellent production.  Great energy, choreography and music well executed.  And one of the things I love about Mamma Mia! is that it really knows its place.  It is a feel-good musical.  Don’t think too hard about the plot.  It’s got a hint of Gilbert-and-Sullivan whimsy to it.  It’s best to just let the show flow over you.  Just dance and jive and have the time of your life.  And even though it kept us up past our bedtimes, that’s exactly what we did.

P.S. Yes, I did cry.  But I only cried during the song that always makes me cry.  I might have cried a little bit harder than normal, but it was nothing I wasn’t prepared for.


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