Very Vermonty

December 14, 2013

It is still snowing.  Little tiny snowflakes.  The little ones that really don’t look like they could possibly do much.  But they do.  Seriously.  I could happily use my snowshoes to travel betwixt my car and my front door.  It is beautiful.  And I’m really glad to be home.

I went out.  I mean, if you live in Michigan and decide you’re not going to go out just because it’s snowing, you’ll never get anything done in the winter.  Christmas is in less than two weeks.  The CME office is celebrating on Tuesday.  And my mom and I had done NO baking yet.  Kind of hard to give people almond cookies and ginger cookies if you haven’t made them yet.  So yesterday I mixed up the ginger cookies while at my parents’ for dinner.  And today I stopped at Harding’s to buy a loaf of bread for my dad and icing for the cookies, and my mom and I spent four hours baking.  And then I drove home.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the clock, so I’m not sure exactly how long it took.  There’s a lot of snow.

So now I’m content to sit and watch the snow out my balcony door.  I have knitting that must be finished this weekend.  I plan to snuggle under a quilt and knit and watch the snow and now and then check to see if my footprints have been filled in.

It has been three full months.  And I’m doing okay.  I’m definitely better than I was a month ago.  Yes, the holidays will be hard, but we’re taking it little by little.  Just as the tiny snowflakes are joining to create the blanket of white, the moments join together to create days.  Moment by moment.  Day by day.  Snowflake by snowflake.  I’ll make it through.


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