What’s Making Me Happy This Week

December 20, 2013

  1. I don’t have to write blog posts every day unless I want to.  Okay, I didn’t have to before, either, but I wanted to bank enough posts to get three months ahead.  On the 13th, I hit that point.  If I post every other day, the post I wrote on 12/13 will go live on 3/13.  So now if I’m really busy or just don’t feel like there’s much to say, I can skip a day.  And the weekends.  I can skip the weekends, too.  I can focus on other writing projects on the weekends.  Well, one writing project in particular, which relates to…
  2. Kazoo Books.  They’re definitely making me happy.  I’ve put them on a quest to fill out my Cherry Ames collection.  I want to reread them as I work on the above-mentioned project, but my collection is incomplete.  And it’s incomplete in the most inconvenient way.  I have the first two.  And then I’m missing books 3-8.  And those are the ones I really want to reread.  And sadly, these books have been purged from both the Parchment and the Kalamazoo libraries.  I’m sorry I missed that happening because my collection would be much more complete.  But Kazoo Books is on the case for me.
  3. Snowshoes.  Alas, it warmed up this week.  But my mom and I had two days of great snowshoeing.  And it’s supposed to snow again on Sunday, so we’ll get a lot more snowshoeing in.
  4. Red Dwarf.  Or rather the discovery that Hulu has Red Dwarf.  Our local PBS affiliate used to show it.  Don’t know if they still do.  They might.  I don’t exactly have a TV on which I could watch it.  But I am thrilled that I’ll be able to watch the whole series from the beginning.

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