A Little Bit of This…

December 23, 2013

The weather turned this weekend.  First it warmed up.  Then it returned to winter.  This does mean that I got the tree decorated and put all of the Christmas boxes back in the storage room.  It also means that we canceled knitting group on Sunday. 

So in answer to the question: What did you do this weekend?  Well.  I decorated the tree.  That’s something.  And I knit on my sweater.  A lot.  And while I was knitting, I was watching Doctor Who.  Pretty much what I did this weekend was watch Doctor Who.  I watched a lot of Doctor Who this weekend.  And I would have been content to spend today doing more of the same.  Knit.  Watch Doctor Who.  It’s all good.  Except for the needing to go to work thing.

But because the weather returned to winter, two things happened.  Thing One: We had an ice storm.  Thing Two: It snowed.  Ice storms can be brutal.  When I was five, we had an ice storm that knocked out power for a week.  This, of course, means that my five-year-old self equates ice storms with getting a week off school, which rocks.  But then, that ice storm also destroyed our swing set, so…

But ice storms are also beautiful.  The danger comes from the way the ice coats the trees.  But so does the beauty.  Everything sparkles after an ice storm.  And when my mom and I were out snowshoeing this evening, the setting sun, partially shrouded in clouds, caught the trees.  And they glowed.  The ice not only sparkled, it turned golden.  It was a truly magnificent sight.  And we stopped in our tracks.  And we watched as the sun caught the trees.  We watched as those ice covered branches glowed with the golden light of the evening.  In that moment, all was right and all was good.  It was nature at its best.  It was, quite truly, breathtaking.


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  1. Nonna Sue

    Ah, what a wonderful memory! It was indeed magnificent. One of those moments you would like to photograph, but know that it was the moment you need to hold in your memory and that the memory will be clearer than any photo could be.

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