Happy Christmas!

December 25, 2013

It’s early.  Very early.  I remember one early Christmas morning that my brother and I were awake early.

“Are you awake?” he whispered to me from his bedroom.

“Yes,” I whispered back from my own*.  “Should we get up?”

“No,” he whispered in reply.  “Let’s let them sleep a bit longer.”

It’s probably about the same amount of early this morning as it was that Christmas.  I really do love early Christmas morning.  I turn on the lights on the tree and sit and stare.  It’s a simple, beautiful moment.  It is quiet and still.

The rest of the day will be fairly simple, too.  My parents and I simplified Christmas several years ago.  They’ll come over around 10.  We’ll go snowshoeing on the trail.  We’ll have lunch.  We’ll open presents.  We’re thinking of going to see Saving Mr. Banks.  We will do these things in some order.  Unlike Thanksgiving, I think today will be okay.  The stakes are much, much lower.

And now I’m going to close my computer so that the only light will be the Christmas tree.  I hope you all have (or, as this won’t be online until March, had) a day of peace, friends, family, love.  Happy Christmas, everyone!

*An architectural note:  Our bedrooms were in the attic.  To get to his, one walks through mine.  No hallway separates the two rooms.  There’s just a door.  It’s really easy to have a conversation between the two rooms.


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