Friday Happiness

December 27, 2013

What’s Making Me Happy This Week:

  1. Christmas.  Christmas was lovely this year.  Quiet.  Simple.  Peaceful.  It was very nice.  It was a good day.
  2. This.  As much as I object to seeing what NPR personalities look like (wait, that’s what David Greene looks like?), I’ll forgive them for showing their faces in the creation of this.  I laughed out loud when I first watched it.  Each subsequent watch still makes me chuckle.  (For the record, I like Love Actually.  I don’t love it, but I do like it.)
  3. Snowshoeing.  My mom and I are having a blast snowshoeing.  It’s warming up today.  Supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.  We’re hoping there’s still enough snow left on the trail for us to snowshoe there tomorrow!
  4. Friends.  Courtney and I ate lunch together (thanks, Dr Z!) today, and I met Lisa for coffee after work.  Nice, normal conversation.  As Lisa rightly put it, life goes on.  And as I added, oh-blah-dee oh-blah-dah.

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