What’s Making Me Happy This Week

January 3, 2014

  1. The fleece-lined tights Matt and Jane gave me for Christmas.
  2. Hand-knit wool socks.
  3. The hot beverages created by the Keurig my parents gave me for Christmas.
  4. The new winter hat that my mom knit for me.
  5. My new sweater being finished.
  6. A new new sweater on the needles
  7. My warm apartment.
  8. Snuggling under a quilt while watching Sherlock.
  9. Playing Wii with my mom because the wind-chill warning made us decide going outside to snowshoe was probably not a good idea.

There’s a bit of a theme going here.  Yes, it is damn cold today.  There might have been other things that made me happy this week, but the cold has knocked them out of my head.

Okay, not really.  There are a couple of other not-cold-related things.

  1. Kendra, the complex manager, asking what type of lights I use on my tree when I went into the office to pay my rent.
  2. Snowshoeing to the half-price book sale at Bargain Books on New Year’s Day.
  3. Not having to leave my apartment (or at least the building) until Monday.

Okay, that last one was really cold-related.  Like I said.  Damn cold today.


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