Snow Day, Part Deux

January 7, 2014

It is 6:40am and -10 outside.  Just like yesterday, pretty much everything is closed.  My office has closed for the second day in a row.  I can remember four snow days in the ten years I’ve worked there.  That would include yesterday’s and today’s.  And looking out the window?  It’s beautiful.  I’m not going outside, but it is beautiful to look at from the inside.

I really should be more productive today than I was yesterday.  I should run the dishwasher and change the sheets.  I should make porridge so that I can have a lovely warm breakfast the rest of the week.  I should do more than sit on the sofa, curled up under a quilt, watching Hulu and knitting.  At the very least, I should get dressed today.  Yes, I never got dressed yesterday.  And it was pretty wonderful.  I watched Downton Abbey and started the Jimmy Beans Downton Abbey Knit-Along.  I worked on my new sweater.  This should not be confused with the new sweater that I finished on 12/31.  This is a different new sweater.  It’s coming along quite nicely.  Of course, having a snow day to spend doing little else besides knit on it helps…

And tomorrow?  Well, it’s supposed to be warmer.  And by warmer, I mean above zero.  I plan to try to go to work.  I’ll see if there’s too much snow for me to get my car out of its parking space without shoveling.  If it looks like it will require tools, I’ll work from home for a while and see how the day progresses.  Since it will be above zero, I’ll offer to shovel out my car if the complex will loan me the appropriate tool.  I don’t mind the job when the windchill is above -30.  I can bundle up to do it.  But I won’t be doing that at 6:30, which is when I’d normally be heading out.  No.  I’ll work from home for a few hours first.  I’m sure I have plenty of email that needs dealing with!

But today?  Well, I’ll run the dishwasher.  And I think I’ll put on pants.  I’ll change out the towels.  Perhaps I’ll do the workout that’s on the schedule for today.  (If I were at my parents, I’d probably spend a couple of hours playing on their Wii.  But I’m not, so I should consider moving my body in some other ways.)  Maybe I’ll run the vacuum.

You see, I haven’t run the vacuum since Sofia died.  My mom has.  But I haven’t.  It lives in the closet in the nursery.  But Sunday, I managed to go stash diving to pick out yarn for the KAL.  And the stash lives in the closet in the nursery, too.  I think I might be able to go into the room long enough to wrangle the vacuum out of the closet.  And it would be good to clean up the salt that has accumulated by the front door.  We’ll see.  That may not be the most physically demanding task, but it will be hard.

But I’ll do my best to do today.  Pants, I think, are the first step.  And socks.  My ankles and toes are getting cold.


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