Changing the Mood

January 10, 2014

After yesterday, I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely in need of a little happiness.  So here’s what’s making me happy this week.

  1. Winter.  And not just because we had snow days this week.  Honestly, I really needed the time in the office.  My productivity is still low, so it really cut into the amount of work that I accomplished this week.  Wait.  This is going away from happy.  Back to the initial sentiment.  Really and truly, I love winter.  And right now it is so wonderfully wintery.  I love all of the snow.  It’s the way winter is supposed to look.  And I don’t mind the cold.  I can always put on another layer.  In the summer, I can only take off so many before I’m down to my skin and still hot.  Not in the winter.  I love snuggling under the quilts in bed or curling up under a blanket on the sofa.  I even like bundling up to go out into the cold.  It’s always been my favorite season.  I think.  I may retract that statement by the end of February.
  2. Nancy Rose Stefanick is making me happy and not just because my NSFW alerts are named after her.  (And done so in part because NSFW on this site is a lot different than NSFW in normal circumstances.)  No, Nancy has planned an event in February that will include Valentines and possibly making shoebox mailboxes just like we did in elementary school.  I’ve already told her that I won’t be attending this event due to some of the other things planned that I know will be way too stressful, and she, gracious kind-hearted woman that she is, has already replied that she understands.  But I love the idea of an elementary school style Valentine’s Day party for grown-ups.  Cupcakes, candy, and everyone has to bring a valentine for everyone else.  I think it’s charming.  I want to do it.
  3. The Civic has redesigned their website.  They’ve actually posted all of our bios showing all of our credits.  Well, sort of.  It only shows my mainstage credits.  If it included all of my Youth Theatre credits, the list would be much longer.  It’s a really nice redesign and will be even better once they get all of the past show photos uploaded.  At last check, they only go back a few years.  There used to be a lot more.
  4. Telecommuting.  I was able to work from home until the roads were a bit more clear on Wednesday.  And I plan to do it again on Monday.  (Although this time I’m prepared.)  I have a dentist appointment at 8, and I’d initially planned to take the day off, but that was before I had two unplanned days off this week.  So I really need to do some work.  But I brought it all home with me.  I can work for a bit, then go to my appointment, and then come home and finish the day.  And I’ll probably get a lot more done than if I chose to go into the office to work.
  5. Downton Abbey is back!  Okay, the show isn’t really what’s making me happy.  Honestly, the first season was pretty good.  Now I watch it mainly for Maggie Smith.  But the Downton Abbey Knit-Along is definitely making me happy.  I’m looking forward to getting the next clue and seeing where the pattern takes me next.  The format of the KAL should be a lot of fun.  We’ve been told that the pattern will have instructions such as “every time Bates sneezes, knit two rows of seed stitch”.  If you really care about getting it “right”, you can wait until the next day to get the actual pattern.  Not me.  I’m going to keep a tally as I knit and watch.  And I’ll knit what I see.  And then go back later to see if I missed one of Bates’ sneezes.  The thought of the process makes me giggle.
  6. And in other knitting related happiness, my new sweater is making me happy.  I know I mentioned it last week, too, but it wasn’t ready to be worn last week.  I’d left it blocking at my parents’ house last Friday.  I was going to get it back on Sunday so that I could wear it to work on Monday.  Well, you know what happened next.  But my daddy dropped it off in my car along with a shovel on Wednesday, so I was able to wear it to work yesterday and today.  It turned out perfectly.
  7. And finally, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is making me happy.  I was in need of something silly, and this show is.  It is absurd and funny.  Andre Braugher is brilliant.  His delivery is so dry that it requires lotion.  And the rest of the ensemble is great, too.  And they’re letting it be an ensemble show.  I have no idea what its ratings look like, but I’ve really enjoyed it.  Off the wall.  A tad bizarre.  Absurd.  And so funny.

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